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What if there are errors when activating iPhone 5S?

What if there are errors when activating iPhone 5S?

The occurrence of errors when activating the iPhone 5S is notso rare and can happen for several reasons: both the user's fault, and the fault of the manufacturer, regardless of the warranty period is ended, or the device yet. Despite the fact that the phenomenon that not very nice, it's not a reason to buy a new gadget.

Deal with this problem will be fairlyworkers quickly any service tsentra.No, before taking the phone to a service center, it is worth trying, through some manipulation, to fix the problem yourself.



Try restarting your iPhone. May arise on the screen of your phone bugs are the result of improper installation of any application or just a "glitch" operating system. Gadget reboot may resolve this problem.


Perhaps the problem lies in the network errors,which do not allow success to activate your device. If activation is not performed on the cellular data network - connect your device to any of the workers and having access to the Internet Wi-Fi networks. If your phone did not agree to make any activation via Wi-fi, or by connecting to a cellular data network, connect to iTunes.


Perform a system restore. This procedure will roll back the phone to factory settings, erasing all existing data on the phone, thereby possibly cause activation error. It should be remembered that prior to this procedure, it is recommended to keep all the important data stored in the memory of your phone data on another device, because after the system recovery, they will be permanently deleted.


If in the process of recovery iPhone 5SAn error occurred, and none of the above methods did not bring the expected result can only be sent to a service center, where specialists apply other, more effective methods to return your phone to normal operation.

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