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What if a teacher receives complaints

What if a teacher receives complaints

It happens quite often: the student feel that the teacher is very bad refers to him, making him a constant remarks.

The student comes home and complains to you: "She finds fault with me!".

Explain to your child that the teacher to no niggles, just there are general requirements for students, non-compliance threatens a misunderstanding of the lesson topic. So, making comments, it rescues.

Excellent prevention from such misunderstandings -stories about the work of teachers, because children believe that the teacher is much easier: given the job at home and rest, has caused the board to hear the verse - sit, listen, rest.

Show him that the work of teachers is difficult. Tell that teacher constantly checks a lot of notebooks, preparing for the next lesson and prepares it so that all of it was interesting. Tell me that is not enough to give the job to the house, it is necessary also to explain properly and convey to each student.

If you have such an opportunity, brings her child to work for him, so that he saw the hard work of people and their diligent work.

But there are also a number of other features which would also like to talk about. For example, you should look all the same to the teacher, after all, maybe a child complaint is substantiated.

Your child may be slow and may beand quick, restless. Tell the teacher about the nature and behavior of your child, because the school is such that sluggish hurry, and fast, on the contrary, are asked to stay on the change in the office, so they do not interfere with others.

Special attention should be paid to the situationpupil-lefty. These children will not retrain, which is an advantage. But they can land properly, that is, so that the left hand will block the light, may require fused writing the text, that the left-hander is virtually impossible, or may make putting the notebook exactly as everyone, and not as it would be convenient .

In any event, report all of the child features of the teacher. She will listen to you, because important achievers for her.

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