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WHAT to do if complaints are received about the teacher


What to do if there are complaints about the teacher</a>

This happens quite often: it seems to the student that the teacher treats him very badly, making constant comments to him.

The pupil comes home and complains to you: "She's picking on me!".

Explain to the child that the teacher does not quibble at anyone, there simply are general requirements to the students, whose failure threatens to misunderstand the topic of the lesson. So, making comments, she saves.

Excellent prevention from such misunderstandings -Stories about the work of teachers, because children are sure that the teacher is much easier: gave a job at home and rest, he called to the board to listen to the verse - sit, listen, rest.

Show him that the work of the teacher is complicated. Tell us that the teacher constantly checks a lot of notebooks, prepares for the next lesson and prepares it so that everyone was interested. Tell us that it's not enough just to give an assignment to a house, it must also be explained correctly and conveyed to every student.

If you have such an opportunity, take your child to his work so that he sees the hard work of people and their diligent work.

But there are a number of other features that I would also like to talk about. For example, look at all the same to the teacher, because, perhaps, the complaint of the child is justified.

Your child may be slow, or maybeAnd fast, restless. Tell the teacher about the nature and manner of your child's behavior, because in schools there is also such that the slow-moving, and fast, on the contrary, ask to stay on the change in the office so that they do not interfere with others.

The situation withThe left-handed student. Such children will not be retrained, which is an undoubted plus. But they can be planted incorrectly, that is, so that the left hand will obstruct the light, may require a co-writing of the text, which for the left-hander is virtually impossible, and can force to put the notebook in the same way as everyone else, and not as it would be convenient .

In any case, report all the features of the child to the teacher. She will listen to you, because they are important pupils.

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