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WHAT to do if the weak pressure of cold water


What to do if the weak pressure of cold water</a>

The presence of normal pressure in the cold water supply system is a prerequisite for its normal operation.

Nevertheless, many residents of private and apartment buildings face such a problem as the weak pressure of cold water.

For what reasons in the house there may be a weak pressure of cold water

Water is supplied to homes through a network of waterPipes, the state of which leaves much to be desired. Operational organizations are afraid of damaging worn pipes and periodically lowering the pressure in them by reducing the volume of water flowing. At the same time, cold water from the taps begins to flow very weakly.
Sometimes the problem of a weak pressure of cold waterIs connected with clogging of risers in the whole house or with incorrect work of water-stop and regulating valves in the basement. In some cases, a decrease in the opening of the water pipes located in the apartment is observed, which naturally leads to a decrease in the pressure of water. Another reason for the weak pressure of cold water is a clogged or faulty mixer.

How to proceed if there is a decrease in the pressure of cold water in the house or apartment

If a weak pressure is observed only in onePlumbing fixture, and in other parts of the apartment the water is running normally, then it may be in the clogging of pipes or the malfunction of the appliance. Clogging is possible in the event that the plumbing device is located at a great distance from the riser. If, in all other cranes and appliances, there is a good head of water, the problem lies in the malfunction of one particular. Restore the normal water supply by replacing the plumbing fixture or clearing the blockage.
With a slight pressure of water in all apartments according toOne riser cause should be sought either in the clogging of the riser or in the operation of the main water pipe. It may be necessary to replace the water riser in one or all the entrances.

If replacement of the water riser is necessary, it should be changed entirely, and not in parts.

If the weak pressure is observed only in oneApartment, you need to check the patency of water pipes and the serviceability of the cranes between the risers. The problem is solved by installing new pipes and repairing the cranes.
Low level of water pressure in all the risers of the house speaks about problems with the main water supply.

The water pressure can be increased by an electric pump, however, the pressure in the pipes of neighboring apartments will drop sharply.

In this case, tenants should contact the housing administration or the management company, since these organizations provide paid utilities, the quality of which must meet certain standards.

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