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What if the weak pressure of cold water

What if the weak pressure of cold water

The presence of normal system pressure cold water - a prerequisite for its normal operation.

However, many residents of private houses and apartment buildings faced with such a problem, as the weak pressure of cold water.

For some reason in the house can be a weak pressure cold water

Water is supplied to the house through the water supply networkpipe condition leaves much to be desired. Operating organizations fear the damage to worn out pipes and periodically reduce the pressure in them by reducing the volume of water passing. In this case the cold water from the taps begin to run poorly.
Sometimes the problem is a weak pressure cold waterIt is associated with clogged risers throughout the house or incorrect operation vodozapornoy and control valves in the basement. In some cases, a decrease in the orifice located in the flat water pipes, which naturally leads to a decrease in water pressure. Another reason for the weak pressure of cold water - dirty or faulty mixer.

What to do if the house or apartment of a decrease in the pressure of cold water

If there is only a weak pressure in oneplumbing fixtures, and in other places the water is normal apartment, the case may be clogged pipes or appliance malfunction. Contamination is likely that if the plumbing fixture is at a great distance from the riser. If all other valves and instruments good water pressure, the problem lies in the failure of one particular. Restore the normal flow of water can be achieved by replacing plumbing fixtures or eliminate obstruction.
At low water pressure in all apartments onone should look for the cause of the riser or clogged riser or in the water main. You may need replacing plumbing riser in one or all of the entrances.

If replacement is necessary plumbing riser, it must be replaced as a whole, rather than piecemeal.

If there is a weak pressure at only oneapartment, check the patency of the water pipes and the condition of the cranes between risers. The problem solved by the installation of new pipes and valves repair.
Low water pressure in all risers House says about the problems with the water main.

Increase water pressure by using the electric pump, but the pressure will fall sharply in the tubes of adjacent flats.

In this case, tenants should contact the housing office or the management company, because these organizations are paid utilities, the quality of which must meet certain standards.

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