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What to do if you do not spin the drum of a washing machine

The belt drum in the washing machine

If your washing machine is not spinning drum, then it is likely that serious damage.

But do not despair, you can solve this problem, and in some cases will be able to handle it without causing the master.

Causes the drum washing machine stop, typically three. However, before beginning their search it is important to take a number of actions that will help to avoid worsening the problem.
The first step is to turn the washingcar, pull out the laundry and to drain the remaining water and turn on the washing machine drain mode. Run it again in normal mode is not necessary - that's exactly the problem does not solve, but can worsen the situation.
Then you need to turn off the washing machine from the power supply, deploy it, and remove the cover back. It is simple, in most models, it is attached with a few screws.

The problem with the drive belt

To determine the possible causes of the drum stopsIt will be helpful to call the master, because you can just call the breakdown and learn the specific cost of repair or fix it yourself. Now, the reasons as mentioned above, three. The first - the problem of the driving belt, which transmits the force from the motor to the drum.
Belt - a weak spot in any washing machine. It can either break or slip off, which often happens when it more than five years. If this is the problem, then you "lucky", you can solve it on their own, without causing the master. Just put it in the proper place, if he jumped, and if torn, buy something new, they are sold in stores plumbing. Of course, you can call and master - it is always better, especially if you have no experience or inclination to do it yourself. Repair in this case will cost, on average, from five hundred to one thousand rubles.

The problem with motor or bearings

If the belt is all right, then left twopossible options. They are more serious, and manage on their own unlikely to be with them. Stop the drum could cause the blown / jammed or clogged engine bearings. It is also a very common problem and to address it have to call the master. Repair in this case is quite expensive and can result in half the cost of a new washing machine. If your washing machine for more than 7-10 years, it makes sense to think about an upgrade as jammed drum may be only the beginning of a string of failures.

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