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What if the speedometer does not work on the VAZ 21099

Speedometer VAZ - 21099

Faulty speedometer does not affect the overall performance of the car and he can continue to move.

However, the inability to control the speedregime could face not only a fine for speeding, or a problem with the timely shifting, especially for novice drivers, but also more serious consequences.

By car VAZ - 21099 speedometer can notwork for several reasons: failure of the speedometer flexible shaft failure or breakage of a drive of a speedometer mounted on the gearbox. Sam speedometer fails very rarely, often problems arise with a flexible shaft or a drive unit, especially if an electronic speedometer.


For fault localization is necessarydisconnect the flexible shaft from the gearbox. To do this, you need pliers unscrew the ring nut on the cable sheath and remove the shaft from the gearbox. Then hold down the shaft shank in the drill chuck and turn it on. If the needle of the speedometer VAZ - 21099 is rejected, it means that the unit is serviceable - if not, the speedometer must be replaced.
If the speedometer is working, you need to carefullyexplore the tip of a flexible shaft. The tip should have a clear The square cross-section. If lapped faces and a tip larger round than square, the flexible shaft must be replaced. When you lick the faces of the shaft begins to slip in the drive, with well audible clicking of the characteristic and also will twitch speedometer.
If the shaft tip is normal, necessaryreplacing speedometer drive shaft. Also, if an electronic speedometer, you need to carefully inspect the wires connected to the sensor for fractures or breaks.

Repair swapping

To replace the flexible shaft of a speedometer on VAZ - 21099you need to disconnect it from the gearbox underneath the vehicle by removing the pliers ring nut on the shell of the shaft. To remove the shaft from the speedometer, you will need to disassemble the dashboard and remove the instrument panel. To do this, you need a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws from the decorative trims on the steering column covering the shift paddles.
The two bottom openings of the dashboard, approximatelyat the level of the steering column, insert two flat screwdrivers and by releasing the latch, then gently pull the dashboard itself. You can now replace the speedometer or a flexible shaft.
On the dashboard to remove the old modelthe instrument panel must be flat screwdriver to gently push the right air deflector. Through this opening, you need to press the spring latch holding the instrument panel.
To replace the speedometer drive shaft disconnectthe flexible shaft from the drive on the gearbox. Then unscrew a bolt and remove the drive prying it with a flat screwdriver. If the new flexible shaft, it is desirable to lubricate the entire length of grease "Litol" or "CV joint", it will significantly increase its service life.

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