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What if the spark plug

What if the spark plug

Sparking outlet says about her faults. In this part of the power transmitted through the socket goes into heating the contacts that can lead to fire.

Some causes sparks can diagnose and correct yourself.

What sparks

& Nbsp- & nbsp-spark discharge in an electrical circuitviolation occurs when contact between conductors. Electricity as it jumps from one wire to another through their gapping zone, at which point the current flows directly through the air in the spark gap. It looks like a small lightning. The edges of the conductors is very strong and sharp heat and burn out. The wires are melted. The lack of reliable contact dense - the cause sparking.

Action plan

& Nbsp- & nbsp-be before repair outletturn off the power and make sure that the voltage in your home network is not available. Behind the front plate outlet is functional module. It is necessary to verify that the lead wires in its terminals, not broken off, not otgoreli not covered with soot and oxides, and the fixing bolts and the contact plate is not covered with scale.

& Nbsp- & nbsp-bronze contacts are prone to oxidation and bad springs. In some of the more reliable outlets used the springs which are drawing in contact petals.

& Nbsp- & nbsp-Attention: outlet may be suitable for more than two wires. Violation in their mutual arrangement may cause a short circuit!
& Nbsp- & nbsp-Pogorevshikh pins and wire ends should be clean (but not a "sandpaper") terminals to tighten firmly. Ends otgorevshey wiring exempt from isolation.
& Nbsp- & nbsp-Now you need to return to the placecover to resume the supply of electricity, powered by a table lamp sockets or other low-power device having the power button. During the tests necessary to ensure that each pin plug tightly (torque) entered into the appropriate slot outlet, because sparks can result from non-compliance of their sizes.

& Nbsp- & nbsp-When connecting the outlets in a loop can be laid podrozetnik two "phase" at the end and two "zero". In addition, now almost all the sockets have an additional ground contact.

& Nbsp- & nbsp-If the arcing is not observed,try to connect the iron, say, or a vacuum cleaner. Well, if the outlet and in this case does not spark and not heated, it means that the repair was successful. Nevertheless, for some time for this appliance you have to watch.
& Nbsp- & nbsp-cleaning contacts and iftightening clamps have not brought results, you need to remove the functional module of the Escutcheon and more closely examine it, trying to determine whether any of its elements are destroyed. Loose sockets (which are inserted pins) can pull your pliers, nut tainted with threaded bolt or coated with oxides to replace with new ones. Uninsurable recovery unit will have to be replaced.
& Nbsp- & nbsp-If you decide to purchase a new outlet, you need to take with you to the store and the old. By comparing the sizes and mounting systems will be easier to choose a replacement.

Preventing sparks

& Nbsp- & nbsp-Electricity is supplied to the outlet often aluminum wires. Since it is very soft and "fluid" metal, the wire attachment points to the contacts should be regularly tightened.

& Nbsp- & nbsp-on socket housing is usually applied maximum current value. It is best to choose this value with some margin, which will increase the life of your unit.

Almost all household appliances havebuttons, toggle switches or controls. First, turn off the device button and only then remove the plug from the socket. Before connecting the device to a network, make sure that its toggle switches and knobs are set to "off". Buttons themselves are arranged so that their elements do not suffer from arcing.
Rosette will last a long time if through her networkconnected devices with capacity of about 100 watts, such as a computer or a mixer. Washing machine in the heating mode, consumes up to 2 kW. At this time, through the outlet are large currents at its terminals generate heat, their resilience decreases, which may cause gaps between the conductors and sparking. special kinds of sockets should be used for wet rooms.

& Nbsp- & nbsp-purchasing experience to repair household electrical items, do not forget about your own safety. In some cases, the replacement of the outlet are best left to a specialist.

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