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What if the shoes have become great

What if the shoes have become great

Ideal to pick shoes that she sat like a glove on the foot, it is very difficult.

You also need to bear in mind that over time, wear in shoes or contracts under the influence of external factors.

You will need

  • Vata, gel insoles, shoe inserts, straps, stickers heel shoes.



Today you can buy shoes from the comfort of home. This is done through online stores. Each person has an individual structure of the foot, and manufacturers sew shoes for universal templates. Often the problem arises when at the virtual buying shoes they come to be larger than, and to walk in such shoes uncomfortable. Do not throw shoes, it can make to a size smaller. It is necessary to use cotton wool, gently insert it into the nose of the shoe. This method will help to adjust the length of the foot. Instead, you can use cotton pads, which are sold in a specialty store.


On sale is a substrate gel for shoes andinsole. They allow you to soften shoes, holding back leg, so it does not wobbled slightly reduce the size. Insoles are made from natural materials, so the foot feels comfortable. Insoles are chosen the right size and color. You can use stickers on the heel of shoes, which fix the leg, so it does not slip and do not rub.


Walk in the shoes that are great - nowtest for the girls. Every second, you think about how not to lose their shoes somewhere in the subway. toes trying to keep shoes in place, making gait is not the most attractive. If the shoes are often sold through the online store, the most reliable to buy shoes with straps or laces. If they are a little too big, then the straps to fix it and will fix the foot securely. You can choose to alter sandals or shoes and sew them to the straps.


Nylon stockings made a slippery foot thatis not welcome when the shoe is already high. Therefore, you should pay attention to the stockings of the material rougher, without the addition of Lycra. In spring and autumn the situation can be corrected with thick socks or stockings, which will make the foot more.


If none of the methods have not approached, shoes can resell or give away to relatives and friends. Surely there are not willing to buy second-hand shoes of good quality.

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