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What if the scammers have stolen money from the card

What if the scammers have stolen money from the card

cards are growing in popularity, and formany of them have already become customary payment instrument, allows to make non-cash payments in a store or restaurant, and purchasing goods and services on the Internet.

But the reverse side of the widespread introductionbank cards is also increasing interest in them scams, so no one is protected from unauthorized access to your checking account and that money will be withdrawn from the card without the holder.

Your first steps

The very first thing you should do in case ofdetection of "hacking" your card, it is urgent to call your issuing bank, ie one with whose charts were withdrawn money. Almost every bank operates twenty-four hours free "hotline" by which to contact the bank, you can without any problems. This phone number is usually listed on your card. Thus, contact with the operator, Alfa-Bank you can by number: 8 800 200-00-00, with the Bank of Moscow by number: 8 800 200-23-26, VTB - 8 800 200-77-99, VTB24 - 8800 100-24-24, with Gazprombank - 8 800 100-00-89 and with the Savings Bank - 8 800 555-55-50.

Currently, Russia is the leader among European countries in the number of cases of fraud with bank cards.

Get ready to tell the operator the information onwhere he will be able to identify you as an actual customer of the bank. You will need to name the surname, name and patronymic, passport data, as well as the code word that you specified in the contract. After your message about tampering with the card, the operator must immediately block it, even if the scammers managed to steal all the money stored on it. Write down the name or number of the operator with whom you spoke.

No need to panic

You can expect that the money taken fromyour credit card, the bank compensates you in full. The fact is that since January 2014 has entered into force Article 9 of Federal Law №161 «On the National Payment System." According to her, the bank is obliged to do so, unless you can prove that you have rules for the use of bank cards have been broken. But note that payment will be put to you, only if you would inform the bank in a timely manner about the incident - that is, during the day. The same applies in cases where the card has been lost or stolen.

Keep in mind that for each case of write-off of money banks are now required to inform the customer via SMS messages or notification by e-mail.

Such advice: You must have proof that the bank's requirement for timely treatment was carried out by you. So it makes sense after talking with the operator to contact the Bank by e-mail and your message to duplicate a withdrawal and request for card blocking. In a letter to specify the details of the operator with whom you communicate. If possible, visit the nearest branch of the bank and leave it as his statement describing the incident.

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