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What if the parents give little money

What if the parents give little money

If parents give a little pocket money, for any teenager, this situation is very complex.

However, you can look for other sources of revenue or to talk with the head of the family: it may be possible to increase the amount.

Pocket money for a teenager is very important because thanks to them that he is learning to plan their spending. Here are just some of the children they are given very little. In this situation, there are several exits.

Talk with parents

To the parents were given pocket moneymore money, you just tell them about it. However, do not stomp on the floor and banging his fist on the table, should be to build a dialogue. During the conversation will need to explain the reason for which they need to increase the size of the sum. Do not tell parents that such a man, a friend or a classmate of pocket money given more. It does not help, because the work in every family is different and, perhaps, his friend Pope receives more. It is better to start a conversation in a different way.
For example, most children under parent blamesthat they do not know how to handle money. For example, you can ask for an increase to the current amount in order to learn how to spend it wisely. In addition, it is possible to agree with the parents that if they see in a few months that their child is spending money on all sorts of nonsense, they will cut the amount. During this period it will be possible to show them that not all that bad, and to save something. Also, from time to time to ask them about how best to proceed with the money. As a result, they see progress, and possibly increase the size of the sum.


When talking with parents did not give the desiredresults, then do not despair, because you can find second jobs. However, it should not interfere with their studies, otherwise parents will be against. Some may argue, saying that student will do is not easy, but you need to think a little, and then any ideas for a living.
For example, you can get a peddlernewspapers, courier, messenger. If you allow the age and appearance, it is better to work in an advertising agency promoter. As a rule, his responsibilities include distribution of promotional material, inviting passers-by to taste and stuff. Payment for such work is quite high and you need to give it only a few hours. You can even get work as a model, but in this case it is necessary to have certain parameters. It is worth to look for work on the Internet, so that sites for frilanserserov people are often required for typing. The main requirement here is the availability of PCs and literacy. Money paid into the e-wallet, which is very easy to start.

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