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WHAT to do if parents give little money


What to do if parents give little money</a>

If parents give little money for pocket money, then for any teenager this situation is very difficult.

However, you can look for other sources of income or talk with the head of the family: perhaps you can increase the amount.

Pocket money for a teenager is very important, because thanks to them he learns to plan his expenses. That's just some of their children give very little. In this situation, there are several exits.

Talking with parents

For parents to give out pocket moneyMore money, you need to tell them directly about it. However, you do not need to stamp feet on the floor and pound your fist on the table, you should build a dialogue. During the conversation, you need to explain the reason why they should increase the amount. It is not necessary to tell parents that a friend or classmate of pocket money is given more. This does not help, because the earnings in each family are different and, perhaps, the friend's dad gets more. It is better to start the conversation in a different way.
For example, most parents reproach children forThat they do not know how to handle money. So, you can ask for an increase to the existing amount, in order to learn how to spend it wisely. In addition, parents can agree that if in a few months they see that their child spends money on all sorts of trivia, then they will cut the amount. During this period, you can show them that not everything is so bad, and save something. Also from time to time you need to ask them about how best to deal with money. As a result, they will see the progress and, possibly, increase the amount of the sum.


If the conversation with the parents did not give the necessaryResults, then you should not despair, because you can find a part-time job. However, it should not interfere with learning, otherwise parents will be against it. Some may object, saying that the student will not be able to do this easily, but you need to think a little, and then there will be ideas for earning.
So, for example, you can get a peddlerNewspapers, courier, messenger. If you allow age and appearance, it is better to go to work in an advertising agency promoter. As a rule, his duties include distributing advertising materials, inviting passers-by for tasting and so on. The payment for this work is quite high, and it only takes a few hours. You can still get a job as a model, but in this case you should have certain parameters. It would be superfluous to look for a job on the Internet, for example, on websites for freelancers often people are required to type texts. The main requirement here is the availability of PC and literacy. Money is paid to an electronic wallet, which is very easy to get.

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