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What if the pain in the ear

What if the pain in the ear

Ear - one of the most complex organs connected to the nasopharynx and Eustachian tube.

Diseases can occur for various reasons, but in 80% of cases due to the inflammatory process associated with the infection.

Treatment should appoint otolaryngologist after a thorough medical examination.

The most common cause of pain in the earThey are inflammatory processes that may occur in the external auditory meatus and auricle. Often, inflammation is moved to the tympanum, a membrane, the auditory tube or cell mastoid.

If you are aching, shooting pain in the ear, or youfeel stuffy hearing impaired, call your audiologist. In inflammatory diseases of the body temperature may rise to 39-40oS.

Conduct self is very dangerous. The inner ear is located in close proximity to the brain, and when properly chosen tactics of treatment of inflammation can go on the mater.

The pain may be sharp at night whenthere is no way to see a doctor. In this case, you can call an ambulance and go to the hospital, where you will have expert help. In an extreme case, insert the ear passages turundochki soaked in boric alcohol, but in the morning be sure to consult a specialist.

Do not try to put your ear to the patient warm. In many cases it may be contraindicated, e.g., acute purulent otitis.

In addition to pain in the ear, you may have a stuffy nose,as it is often a consequence of otitis colds. In this case, the drip into each nostril two or three drops of vasoconstrictor. This will help drain fluid and reduce the number of ear pain.

Otolaryngologist conduct a medical examination atyou must assign tests. In acute otitis you write out antibiotics in tablets or injections. The dosage form of the drug and the doctor picks up on the basis of the results of the medical examination. Use antibiotics alone is not recommended.

Often in acute purulent otitis media treatment is carried outin the hospital. When the body temperature is normal, acute illness will be left behind, you will be assigned a course of physiotherapy.

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