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What if the monitor does not work

What if the monitor does not work

From the quality and correct operation of the monitorIt depends on the convenience of the user, the health of his eyes, as well as the integrity of his wallet, because a good monitor is not good money. But it happens that he fails.

Therefore, we need to understand what to do if it does not work.


If the monitor does not work, most often this meansits technical fault. Before you can access specialist help, it is necessary to independently verify the integrity of the monitor power cable from the mains. Checked first end inserted in the monitor, it should not be reflowed, it should not by any emanate odors. If there is dust, it should be removed with a dry cloth.
Then it checked the end inserted into the food chain. It should be firmly plugged in, it should also not be melted and exude odors.
If the monitor does not turn on after these actions,the deal is likely in the cable. It is unified, so you should try to remove the cables from one monitor to another and paste. If the monitor does not turn on, the case is really in the cable will need to buy. It is quite reasonable - about 200 rubles. Otherwise the problem is with the monitor itself.


Monitor Repairs can take place as a charge, andwarranty. In the first case, the repair will be carried out on a reimbursable basis, or if the failure has occurred on the fault of the user (during warranty period), or when the warranty period has expired. Go to any electronics store, where the monitor was purchased, attached warranty service center. First diagnosis will be carried out, the duration of which is up to two weeks. According to its results will be clear that the monitor whether the repair fee and what will be its value.
In the second case, the repair will be done free of charge, but the diagnosis still need - this is a mandatory procedure in all cases contact a service center with a faulty technique.

The cost of repairs

Often, some service centers are deniedrepair, justifying it by the fact that the equipment can not be mended. Sometimes it is not so. The case may be excessive load masters, the complexity of the repair, and the mood takes an engineer repairs. So you should try to repair the monitor is not in a studio. The cost of such repairs can be both expensive and cheap. Sometimes the price tag repair is comparable to the price tag on the new monitor, which makes us think about buying it. This is not surprising - spare parts for monitors manufactured in few places, so their price is too high, and the shipping cost is very high due to their increased fragility.

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