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If you turned off the light, and the debtor is confident that the procedure was carried out in violation of the law, there are several options to solve the problem.

To connect the light there is a list of actions that have to perform.

Employees and sales of steel in recent years,more demanding of the debtors. Today, for the delay in payment of electricity consumed in the amount of 3 times the minimum subsistence level (in each of the Russian Federation it is calculated on the basis of local conditions in the region), shut off the power supply to the premises.

But often workers electricity supplierThey do not know them by the law of authority and power outages for much less debt to pay. In addition, the legislator has established procedures that precede the power outage at the facility. But in practice it is often not respected. This is the basis for the debtor to write a complaint and refer it to the power company.

What to do if the light is turned off?

Before you decide to terminateelectricity supply and sales per employee is obliged to notify the debtor of the month sanction threatening him. Caution should be presented in printed form, is made on a special form, contain information on the date of issue, the amount of debt and be certified by the signature of the employee and sales. All these requirements are spelled out in the "Agreement on the conditions of electricity supply", which is automatically entered into with the customer at the beginning of using the service.

If the debtor is convinced that actionsEmployees of electricity company supplying illegal, he may apply for protection of their rights in the Prosecutor's Office or the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), which will verify the shutdown procedure of light in this particular case to comply with the law.

How to connect the light after a power cut for non-payment?

First, you need to pay the debt. If at the moment this is not possible, you should write in the distribution and sales application for the payment of debt installments. It is given for a period of 6 months, and refuse it not have the right. With the help of the financial aspect of the question for the moment resolved (provided there) you will need to visit the power company, which will have to pay the electricity connection. In most Russian regions, this amount is not more than 1 thousand rubles.

After all of the above stepsConnection of light will be fulfilled remains to wait for the electricians, who will do their job. If the situation with power outages and difficult to solve it yourself is not possible, it is advisable to get legal advice about how to solve the problem.

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