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What if the laptop is locked

The screen of death - an example of the lock

Antivirus can be different - is weaker, stronger, heuristics (read more cunning), and not too logical.

And yet, despite all the sophisticated developers, at any time can lock the laptop.

The screen shows a beautiful tablet with the promise of unlocking a symbolic fee, which is sometimes even pay.

And is it necessary?

One site, two, three ... and now do not remember,number of pages looked at some overseas sites visited, what he did and why. With peace of mind to close the operating system and go to sleep. And in the morning ... oil painting. Neither function is disabled, the mouse no signs of life, the keyboard refuses to accept commands and transfer to the destination. Only the beautiful sign "Send SMS to a certain number of" OS promises a return to the original operating state.

To pay or not to pay?

It is always a question of money, which will be deducted from your balance, and the result you get.

If this is your first encounter withextortion, it is not surprising if the first thought would be - pay. Do not hurry. As the experience of many who decided to finance such a step, nothing good you will not see but shrank balance on the phone. Therefore, the correct answer is only one - do not pay!
Good. Do not pay and sit with nothing, after which no longer go to the World Wide Web? Anti plaintively winks from the tray, no key will not work, or the cursor froze on the spot, or rotates only in the limited space of the window with the message. Laptop Lock.

There is an exit!

The first rule razblokirovschika laptops - not to lose his presence of mind!

Calm down. There are ways to return to your "iron friend" of life.
Method 1. Kaspersky Lab and other equally reputable companies have developed online services to unlock the PC "dead". In this case, you'll need (at a different known working laptop) to go to the right address (all references are listed at the bottom of the article), enter the phone number of the blackmailer, and text messages. The system will think a little bit and give the correct unlock code. If everything turned out - you have become a victim of the most common cases of infection. Ideally, after this you need to properly clean the system, and can live on.
Method 2: It also happens that the code is not suitable. Then there is another option. Restart the computer and press F8 after the BIOS test. In the menu that appears select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt." Next, enter the command - msconfig. Once the menu appears, it has the tab "Service", and it "System Restore." This helps make the rollback of the system for a day or more.
Method 3. Some malware independently removed after some time. This can be done artificially, deceived by date system. View the BIOS when booting the PC and put the correct date on the 5 - 10 days to come easy. And if all goes well, to check for viruses.
Method 4. It will take a screwdriver and some skills in the ability to use it. Required to remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to another PC. Well, if you have a connection for an external box. Then you can do it with the help of USB. And then the hard disk is scanned for viruses. All.

Parting words nick

This writer found himself in a not very timeunpleasant situation and did not pay the fraudsters. Do not lose his presence of mind, if you did it happen, and use the information from experienced users.

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