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What if the laptop does not see the drive

What if the laptop does not see the drive

Modern laptops are equipped with CD / DVD / Blue-Ray-actuators, which in no way inferior to those on desktops.

Sometimes there can be problems with reading different disks, so you need to figure out what to do if the laptop does not see the drive.

Faulty drive

Its failure can be judged by too stronghum when reading the disc or the absence of attempts to read as such. Also, the laptop can simply drive does not see or does not read. In order to make inoperative, it is necessary to try to insert the other disks in the drive. If the symptoms are the same, you need to clean the read head drive. It has the look of glass, which gives the cut. This can be done either with a cotton swab and the alcohol or by using special cleaning disc on the reverse side of which there is a rigid brush. The price of such a drive in the area of ​​200 rubles.
If cleaning the drive does not work, you candisassemble the laptop. This is done only in the presence of such skills and beyond the warranty period of the notebook. Checking density of attachment of the cable drive power, as well as the integrity and density cable coming from the drive to the motherboard. If the problem in which they can be shriveled appearance, in some places may be bared. The price of such parts is not high, but the store to buy them is difficult. Therefore it is necessary to apply for their replacement in service centers Repair technique.
Laptop Warranty period is from 1 to 2years. If it has not expired, you should include it in the warranty service center, where they will spend the whole diagnosis. If the case would be in the drive, then replace either him or exchanged for a similar laptop or other surcharge.

Faulty disk

Often, the laptop does not see the drive because hedefective. Damage can be both mechanical and related recording errors. On the mechanical damage can be seen along the muddy surface of the disc, scratches, curvature, etc. You can, of course, try to read the disc on another drive, but the maximum that the user can achieve, the message read error.
If the disc is recorded correctly, the laptop or notHe sees him, or he will be read incorrectly. These symptoms are likely to be on other computers. If the drive was purchased in a store, you should change it in two weeks, according to the law on consumer protection. If it was recorded by yourself, you have to overwrite the data on other media.
Drive Not Recognized Very rarely laptop,because the format is not supported by the drive. Modern drives can be unilateral, bilateral, have a CD, DVD or Blue-Ray format. With the latter most often associated inability to read it on a laptop, as actuators, perceiving a similar format, are an order of magnitude more expensive than others.

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