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What should I do if itching in the groin

What should I do if itching in the groin

Itching in the groin it may be caused by a variety of reasons - from an allergic reaction to the genital tract infections.

In any case, without attention such discomfort can not leave, as they can only be the initial symptoms of serious illnesses, and just bring a lot of inconveniences.

Causes of itching in the groin

First of all, itching in the groin may be duean allergic reaction to any medication, personal hygiene, or even eat meals. Women in the groin itching sometimes cause sanitary napkins.
Failure to comply with basic hygiene can also cause discomfort in the genital area. If you do not take a shower for several days, especially after intercourse, it may well be scratched in the groin.
Intense itching and is often one of the main symptoms of a variety of genital tract infections. Similarly manifests candida, chlamydia, genital herpes and ureaplasmosis.

Each of these diseases often occurs with additional symptoms that help the doctor to ascertain the disease and prescribe the right treatment.

Scratching the groin may under certain pathologiesliver and kidney, when the high nitrogen concentration in the body is released together with sweat and causes severe skin irritation. An unpleasant itching in the genital area also occurs occasionally in diabetes, scabies, thyroid diseases, nerve disorders or the presence of infection in the digestive tract.

What to do when the itch in the groin

First of all, you must abide by the rulespersonal hygiene and take a shower twice a day. This groin is best to wash decoction of chamomile or sage - they reduce inflammation and decrease itching. After a shower, you need to dry it thoroughly and put on clean underwear.

If irritation occurs in the groin is better to refuse sexual intercourse, steam baths, saunas, swimming pools and bathing in the sea. This can only make the situation worse.

It should also stop using the newhygiene products to avoid allergic reactions to them. It is also necessary to pay attention to the side effects of medications and consumed food.
If a few days after complianceabove rules itch has not passed, it is best to consult a dermatologist. He will spend the necessary tests to establish the exact cause of discomfort in the groin area and recommend a course of treatment. Either appoint a consultation with another specialist, such as an allergist or gastroenterologist. Self-treatment of itching can lead to deterioration and possible pathologies, so that risk and do experiments under such unpleasant symptoms should not be.

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