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According to statistics, every fifth owner of the iPhone at least once dropped it into the water.

This occurs most often in the toilet, but it can happen anywhere else.

Not necessarily immediately "to bury a drowned man," if you act quickly and correctly, it is possible that the iPhone 5 after the drowning will continue to work as if nothing had happened.

Most often, the water falling iPhones ownerswhich have a habit of wearing them in the pockets of his pants, especially in the rear. Also it goes and phones, fell into the hands of young children. Kids aged 2-3 years willingly play with modern technology, the more that parents themselves are pumped into the iPhone toys and cartoons, to take at least a fidget nekolko minutes. Unfortunately, not all at the same time look after for the child, which by virtue of curiosity or simply out of boredom can send a boring toy down the toilet.

Whatever it was, and in whatever way the iPhone 5 orhit the water, the action to save it should be fast, but their purpose is reduced to ensure that remove water from the appliance until it has had time to cause irreparable destruction of the device.

Fallen iPhone 5 should immediately be removed fromwater and then shut it down, even if he continues to work as if nothing had happened. In a normal phone would be well advised even to take out the battery to avoid the possibility of short zamykniya with iPhones the task is complicated, for not dismantling the phone, do not work. A self-opening of the case, anyway, will lead to the disappearance of the guarantee. Therefore it is necessary to dry as it is, only removing the SIM card.

It should be remembered that drowned iPhone in anythe case can not be sent out to dry in the heated oven, microwave and even central heating battery. Such a method of salvation will become a guaranteed murder of complex equipment. The high temperatures and the resulting condensed water will lead to metal oxidation on chips, work this phone will no longer ever. It is also unlikely to achieve any significant effect, and with a hair dryer. The hot air is difficult to be able to penetrate into small openings iPhone and exit and does not find, the effect of such a drying practically no.

But the way to dry the iPhone 5 there drownedand it is simple, as all ingenious. It is necessary to take a tight plastic bag with zipper, pour into it about a pound of ordinary uncooked rice, cereals bury the iPhone in and leave for 2-3 days.

You can turn your phone on the passage of time inI hope that it is still work. If this does not happen, there will be only referred to the workshop iPhone and listen to the harsh sentence. In the best case, you will need a replacement of faulty parts, at worst, the instrument will have to say goodbye forever. So do not rely on luck, but rather initially to take all precautions against a possible iPhone fall into the water.

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