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WHAT to do if the iPhone 5 fell into the water



According to statistics, every fifth owner of an iPhone has at least dropped it into the water.

Most often it happens in the toilet, but it can happen in any other place.

It is not necessary to immediately "bury a drowned man", if you act quickly and correctly, it is possible that the iPhone 5 will continue to work after drowning, as if nothing had happened.

Most often in the water fall iPhones, the ownersWho have a habit of wearing them in pants pockets, especially in the back. Also goes to the phones that fell into the hands of young children. Babies at the age of 2-3 years are willing to play with modern technology, especially since parents themselves are pumping toys and cartoons into iPhone to cover up for at least a few minutes. Unfortunately, not all look out for a child who, due to curiosity or simply from boredom, can send a boring toy into the toilet.

Whatever it was and how would the iPhone 5Got into the water, the actions to save him must be fast, and their purpose is reduced to removing water from the device, before it has managed to cause the device irreparable destruction.

Fallen iPhone 5 should be immediately get out ofWater and immediately turn it off, even if it continues to work, as if nothing had happened. In a conventional phone, you could advise you to take out the battery again, to exclude the possibility of a short jamming, and the task becomes complicated with the iPhone, because without disassembling the phone, it will not work. And independent opening of the case, whatever one may say, will lead to the disappearance of the guarantee. Therefore, it is necessary to dry, as is, removing only the sim card.

It should be remembered that the drowned iPhone is in no wayThe case can not be sent to dry in a heated oven, microwave oven or even a central heating battery. This way of salvation will turn into a guaranteed murder of complex technology. High temperatures and formed water condensate will lead to oxidation of metal on microcircuits, such a phone will never work again. It is also unlikely to achieve any significant effect with the help of a hair dryer. Hot air can hardly penetrate into the small holes of the iPhone, and there is no way out, there will be practically no effect from such drying.

But the way to dry the drowned iPhone 5 existsAnd it is simple, like all ingenious. It is necessary to take a dense plastic bag with a clasp, pour into it about half a kilogram of ordinary raw rice, bury the iphone in the croup and leave for 2-3 days.

After a while, you can turn on the phone inHope that he will still work. If this did not happen, it remains only to take the iPhone to the workshop and listen to a severe sentence. At best, you will need to replace the failed part, at worst with the device you will have to say goodbye forever. Therefore, do not rely on luck, but it is better to take all the precautions initially against the possible fall of the iPhone into the water.

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