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What if the Internet is not connected

What if I can not connect online

Work on the Internet is becoming increasingly necessary for many users in recent years. And if the computer can not connect to the network, there is cause for extra excitement.

Do not worry!

Diagnosis of system malfunctions not complicated and you can spend it on their own.



Checking the connection. If you use Internet cables that connect the equipment to the computer may fail. The first thing you should check all cable connections between the computer, modem and telephone line. Find out if the phone cord into the phone jack is included. Check whether if the dial tone on your phone. Next, check that the telephone cable to the modem. It shall be set to «Line» connector. If you have an external modem, check the modem's power cord. Make sure that it is connected: must light green light Power on the modem. Also, when using an external modem, you need to verify the installation of information cable connecting the modem and the computer. It must be installed in connector COM1 or COM2 of the computer.
You also need to check if the cable is damaged.


Check the modem settings. Modem Settings can be checked by using the Phone and Modem option. Before changing the settings, make a note of the old settings to be able to return them.
Click Start, and then - Control Panel. Select the icon Phone and Modem Options. A window with the tab to select a number. Click Edit. Check the area code and the type of dialing - pulse is normally used. Click OK to apply the settings. Go to the tab Modems, select your modem and click Properties. Then go to the Diagnostics tab and click Request modem. After this, the modem poll will be made to determine if it is installed correctly or not. If a problem is found, it will appear with information about the error dialog box.


Reinstalling Software. Sometimes the software fails, it can interfere with the computer connection to the Internet. If you notice a problem, then reinstall the software. Before installation, read the instructions for your equipment and settings of your Internet service provider. If there are no instructions, then contact the provider by telephone and receive instructions from him. Be sure to save them for the future.


To solve the problems with an Internet connection, you can use the Help and Support Center Windows. Click Start - Help and Support. Go step by step diagnostic procedure to solve the problem.


Problems with Internet access can occur ifYour account balance is negative, you have incorrectly entered your username or password, as well as the fault of the service provider. If this is OK, then try to close all running programs and applications and turn off your computer and modem. Wait about 30 seconds, and then turn on the computer. Try again to connect to the Internet.

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