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What if the husband - sissy

At first, the woman in love it seems that the way it should be. Here it is, a true example of courage, combined with good character and a good education!

But in proportion to the number of days lived together increased irritability and women in this regard.

What to do?

Try to convince her husband that you - his only woman, and my mother - a mother. And in your adult relationships it must take second place.

Do not start talking about the triangle "you -I - my mother "in a raised voice. First think about what and how you say what arguments introduce, with some intonation will pronounce, etc. In the morning it can be said that in the evening (or tomorrow) you want to talk seriously (this time you will need and the most). And only in the evening, in the absence of my mother, get talking.

Not crazy in silence! Try to succinctly explain the restrained and her husband, nothing like his mom and their relationship and why you do not want to see her so often in your home.

Arrange husband, promenades, shopping, romantic, anything, as long as his time was fully downloaded you.

If you notice that your husband says words Momma, do not need to roughly the rebuke. Politely ask, is he thinks so or is it mum? And what does he think?

As they say, listen, and do it their own way. So if a husband - The Waterboy, is to listen to everything that is said in-law, according to nod, but to act on its own. Let the husband finally realizes that you have - your opinion on all the questions!

The most difficult thing that you have to - wean husbandto think that he is a child. When he learns to make their own decisions, to take responsibility, to answer for his words, then he will no longer depend on mother's favorite.

Most importantly, be patient! Good luck!

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