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What to do if hair pushatsya

What to do if hair pushatsya

If the hair pushatsya, it may indicate that their structure is damaged.

This phenomenon is not only visually ugly, but also requires the adoption of urgent measures to restore curls.

Why hair pushatsya?

Healthy hair is determined visually, ie theirappearance immediately reveals their condition. If they pushatsya, it may indicate the hair moisture deficiency. When curly strands occurs uneven entry of moisture on the length of the hair, which leads to such displays. Another possible reason - the hair curl in the growth process. This process affects all types, including straight hair.
What to do if hair pushatsya? Before answering this question, it should be remembered that the measures are aimed at restoring hydration strands, as well as the acquisition of hair structure uniformity. This can help in both professional cosmetic agents and natural masks made at home.

Professional tools for furry hair

The beauty shop offers a wide range of means to combat hair fluffy. As a rule, such cosmetics is divided into washable means and indelible.
By indelible include a number of funds thatapplied to clean hair, and due to its composition moisturize them during the day. These funds often have properties to protect from direct sunlight and protect from heat. These tools include:
- helium
- sprays intended
- syvorotki-
- Indelible masked
- Fluids.

For thin hair is recommended funds with the lowest "weight", so as not to weigh down the hair. These tools are applied to slightly damp hair, departing from the scalp 2 cm.

Rinse-off products - is:
- shampuni-
- balzamy-
- conditioners-
- Washable mask.
Applied daily shampoos can be usedonly as additional funds, but not as the primary treatment, as the shampoo still gets to the scalp type. For best results, you must follow the recommendations of these balms and masks manufacturer. Namely, you need to apply the funds to depressed or towel-dried hair and withstand the recommended time interval before rinsing.

Folk remedies for hair fluffy

If the hair pushatsya, folk medicine is recommended to make a mask. Last made of natural oils - jojoba, olive, almond.
Before applying the mask to warm up, washit should be in a few hours. You can leave this facility on the hair overnight. For washing off the mask used shampoo. Such procedures are often not worth doing, rather than twice a week.

Hair Treatment Salon

In modern beauty salons offers several procedures designed to eliminate fluffy hair effect:
- Laminating - special hair treatment means, giving the effect of enveloping volosa-
- Glazing - hair covering ceramide glaze to make them smooth.

However, it should be borne in mind that the salon treatments only mask the problem, with regrowth of hair fluffy hair problem will return.

For a good result either of the procedures necessary to adhere to the following tips:
1. Dry the hair dryer as rarely as possible.
2. Do not use a comb with metal teeth.
3. Comb the hair after drying.
4. Do not use a daily ironing, hair dryers, curling irons.

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