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What if the hair whipped and broken

What if the hair whipped and broken

Split ends can ruin the appearance of the most beautiful women. They look dry, lifeless, brittle and dull.

Very often such a problem faced by holders of long hair.

To the ends of the straw is not reminded, we must take note of a few secrets to care for them.

Caring for split ends

All hot styling tend to do hairmore dry and brittle. If you want to avoid the appearance of split ends, do not abuse the dryer, irons, curling irons. It is advisable to use them no more than twice a week, so as not to hurt his hair. Do not forget about the means to create hairstyles with thermal protector effect.
Trim the ends every 1-2 months. Even if you grow hair, their length is more marked increase, if you once a month to refresh the ends of 0.5 cm. And their appearance at the same time will be much better. For all useful problem haircut hot scissors, during which the hair ends are sealed with hot steel.

The best way to deal with split ends - a monthly hair trimming.

Use special sealed gels and serums for split ends, which smoothes the hair scales, facilitate combing. The hair becomes shiny, well-groomed, and no longer break.

There are many recipes for masks for the split ends of their natural ingredients. Choose your own!

What to do to hair less brittle

That hair was strong and less broke, do notbrush immediately after the wash. When they are completely dry, apply moisturizer on them indelible spray and gently comb the entire length, starting from the tips.
Try to use less gum, barrettes andclips for hair, they hurt your hair, by the way, as incorrectly selected combs. Splayed hair gets the required amount of oxygen, and thus, they will not split and break.
Protect your hair from direct exposure to the sun and frosty air. Exposure to UV light and frost causes hair thinning, start to electrify, become brittle.

Healthy Lifestyle - Healthy Hair

Lifestyle always affects the appearance. To hair strong and beautiful, and the tips - healthy and not secant, you need to drink a day plenty of fluids (6-8 glasses of water, in addition to tea and coffee), eat right and balanced, as well as to have enough physical activity. Observe the mode of the day and sleep at least eight hours a day. All this in the best way will affect the condition of hair.

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