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WHAT to do if a dog has a tick


What to do if a dog has a tick</a>

Ticks in the dog's fur can cause a dangerous disease - pyroplasmosis. Its complexity is caused by the fact that the treatment begins already in the last stages.

The blame for this is the ignorance of the owners about the dangers of ticks.

If the dog has been bitten by ticks, it is importantTimely provide her with competent help. Parasites are the worst enemies of animals, because they are almost invisible to them. For a pet, the only salvation is its owner, who must have at least some basic knowledge on this matter.
How to pull a tick from a dog

If nevertheless a tick was found in the dog, what should I do?

How to remove a tick from a dog

Detect a tick from an animal is very difficult, becauseHe is very tiny, hiding in thick wool on the nape, neck, head and paws. His danger lies in the fact that his prolonged stay on the body leads to infection of the dog, its agony, illnesses and even death. It is important for the animal to examine, comb its hair and monitor its hygiene.
How to remove a subcutaneous mite in a dog

If the dog is bitten by a tick, the symptoms of its presence are detected after 5 to 6 days, depending on the overall health of the animal:
- the body temperature of the pet becomes critically high and can reach 40-42 degrees-
- at the site of the bite, a cone is inflated, in which there is a tick-
- the animal becomes inactive, there is a lack of appetite.

As soon as the first signs of the disease appeared,It is necessary to take it to the doctor, only qualified help will save the animal. Treatment takes place in two directions: complete destruction of parasites and purification of the body after intoxication.

The first direction is characterized by the useMedical preparations, including organic dyes (veriben, berenil and azidin). Preparations are toxic, they easily kill mites, but they can damage the animal. Therefore, the next stage is the removal of intoxication. To do this, the dog is introduced a large number of vitamins, saline cleansing solutions and so on. A full recovery may take a month or more.

Prophylaxis against ticks

With parasites you need not only to fight, they need to be skillfully defended. Tactics are not as complicated as it might seem:

Veterinary medicine has developed many tools"Repelling" ticks. It can be both collars, and solutions. One drop on the dog's fur is enough to keep the animal safe for 2 to 3 days. Then the procedure must be repeated again.

Regular inspections after a walk, as well asObservation of the behavior of the animal rescues it in 80% of cases. As soon as the first symptoms were discovered, urgent measures should be taken to destroy the parasite.

It should not be allowed to infect the dog with pyroplasmosis,According to statistics, the mortality rate reaches 98% of the affected animals. Caring for the pet is not only the daily games and walks with it, but also attention to its health and mood.

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