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What to do if the dog tick

What to do if the dog tick

Ticks in the dog's fur can cause serious illness - piroplasmosis. Its complexity is caused by the fact that the treatment begins to take place already in the final stages.

The reason for that lack of information is becoming the owners of the dangers posed by ticks.

If the dog was subjected to a tick bite, it is importantpromptly provide it with competent assistance. Parasites are the worst enemies of the animals, because they are virtually invisible to them. For pet only salvation is his owner, who must have at least a basic knowledge on the subject.
how to remove a tick from a dog

If, however, has been found in the dog tick, what to do?

how to remove ticks from dogs

Discover tick the animal is very difficult, becauseit is quite tiny, hidden in the thick hair on the back of the neck, neck, head and legs. Its danger lies in the fact that prolonged his stay on the body leads to infection of the dog, its sufferings, illnesses and even death. It is important to inspect the animal, comb his hair, and follow its hygiene.
how to get a dog subcutaneous mite

If a dog bitten by a tick, signs of his presence are found in 5 - 6 days, depending on the general state of health of the animal:
- Temperature of the pet body becomes critically high and can reach the level of 40-42 gradusa-
- On the site of the bite swells bump, which is klesch-
- The animal becomes inactive, there is a lack of appetite.

As soon as the first signs of the disease,you must take him to the doctor, only qualified help save the animal. Treatment takes place in two directions: the complete destruction of parasites and cleansing of the body after intoxication.

The first area is characterized by the use ofmedical products, including organic dyes (veriben, Beren and azidin). Preparations toxic, easy to kill mites, but it can harm the animal. Therefore, the subsequent step is the removal of intoxication. For this dog administered large amounts of vitamins, salt solutions, cleaning and so on. For complete recovery may take a month or more.

Prophylactic anti-attack ticks

With the parasites must not only fight against them need to skillfully defend. The tactic is not as difficult as it may seem:

In veterinary medicine, developed a variety of tools"Repel" mites. It can be as collars, and solutions. A single droplet of the dog hair to an animal in security for 2 - 3 days. Then again, the procedure should be repeated.

Regular check-ups after the walk, as well asobservation of animal behavior saves it in 80% of cases. As soon as the first symptoms were detected, it is necessary to take urgent measures to destroy the parasite.

Do not allow the dog piroplasmosis infection,Statistics mortality catches up 98% of affected animals. Caring for pet - it's not just games and daily walks with him, but also attention to his health and mood.

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