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What if the cough with blood

What to take when coughing blood is released

Cough - a natural reaction to foreign substances and microbes trapped in the respiratory tract.

However, sometimes when coughing mucus, mixed with blood.

As a rule, it's scary and leads to the terrible thought of serious diseases.

Blood with a cough may be released due toinjury or illness. Even the usual ARI can cause the appearance of blood in the veins of mucus. And all because of all the mucous membranes during illness swollen and irritated, and even a slight cough can cause a violation of the small blood vessels.
Sometimes blood with cough and stands for very serious reasons. We are talking about tuberculosis, chest trauma, pneumonia and cancers of the respiratory tract.

What to do with the first appearance of blood when coughing

First, it is important to take in this case, itseek professional medical help, especially if the cough with blood occurs first. The doctor need to describe in detail the blood in the form of mucus, the nature of the cough. Be sure to mention the following points if they have a place to be:
- The patient takes the drugs that can cause bleeding (eg, acetylsalicylic acid) -
- The patient suffered pneumonia or chest trauma kletki
- The patient systematically kurit-
- There are other symptoms (pain and fever, vomiting and nausea, shortness of breath or difficulty swallowing) -
- Patients undergoing medical procedures in the process of which could cause damage to the mouth or respiratory tract.
When a person is difficult to expectorate largethe amount of blood should urgently take him to a medical facility. This symptom indicates a strong internal bleeding, which appeared as a result of injury.

How to avoid coughing blood

In cases where the treatment or hospitalizationthe patient is not required, you can think about how to avoid such a strong mucosal irritation of the respiratory tract. It is this aspect leads to the appearance of blood when coughing.
A few tips on how to keep the mucous of light:
- Leave cigarettes proshlom-
- Avoid contact with irritating veschestvami-
- Avoid contamination of local
- If necessary, use protective maskami-
- Do not allow the appearance of blood sgustkov-
- Do not forget each year to do chest X-ray.
Remember: appearance of blood when coughing - it is a dangerous sign. Perhaps damaged small blood vessels, but it is possible that it is a symptom of a dangerous disease. Be sure to consult a doctor at the first appearance of blood when coughing. Timely diagnosis and provide medical care to help you maintain health and sometimes even their lives.

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