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What if the children vie

What if the children vie

There are many cases when children were established between heavy relationship.

Usually it extended rivalry between brothers and sisters. Somewhere the children competing with a smile, and in some cases it is the cause of unhealthy relationships.

How can we avoid quarrels between the children?

Very often the parents themselves are the causethe occurrence of such emotions as jealousy. For example, the child was surrounded by attention from all sides, and then there is another child. If you expect to replenish, always explain to your child that nothing will change globally, and that his parents will still love.

Do not deprive the attention of senior and evenly distribute the time between the two children. Do not admire her second child in front of the first and advise to do the same family.

The best thing would be to attach your firstchild to all events taking place in the family. If you go to the store, be sure to take along all the children, and if you think you make a purchase, let your child choose a toy for themselves, and for the baby.

Also, it is useful to give the child smallorders associated with the baby. For example, ask him to bring diapers or a bottle - this will give the child to feel the importance and responsibility. But do not make the child's nanny.

Do not compare children! Praise the child and ask them to share their knowledge. This will teach your children to support each other. Let's order the children that they can perform together, for example folded toy figure gift or go to the store. In addition, team games are ideal.

What if the children quarrel, fight, screamor snitch on each other? React to any manifestations of conflicts, because it affects their self-esteem and their ability to behave with people. Remember that children by nature are not similar to each other, and your task is to teach them to respect each other. If the eldest child playing alone, you should explain to the youngest, so he loves to play.

No need to create competition between the children, as will the absence of friendly competition of their relationship.

How can I help the children? Listen to them. If the child will talk about the offender, his anger will go away by itself. Understand the vision of the situation and be the most dobrozhelatelnymi- conditions with the offender's parents. Let the children express everything that they think about each other and do not interrupt them. After this is to explain to them why they are wrong.

Do not promise your child that his abuser will have to deal with you or your abuser stupid, because such statements cause aggression only.

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