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WHAT to do if children compete


What to do if children compete</a>

It is known that there have been many cases when heavy relationships were established between children.

Usually rivalry between brothers and sisters is common. Somewhere, children compete with a smile, and somewhere this is the cause of unhealthy relationships.

How can you avoid quarrels between children?

Very often parents themselves are the causeThe emergence of feelings such as jealousy. For example, the child was surrounded by attention from all sides, and then another child appears. If you are expecting replenishment, be sure to explain to the child that globally nothing will change, and that the parents will still love him.

Do not deprive yourself of the older attention and evenly distribute the time between the two children. Do not admire your second child in front of the first and advise you to do the same to your relatives.

It will be best to attach your firstChild to all events occurring in the family. If you go to the store, be sure to bring all the children with you, and if you are thinking of making a purchase, let the child choose a toy for himself and for the baby.

Also, it will not be superfluous to give the child a smallErrands related to the baby. For example, ask him to bring diapers or a bottle - this will give the child a sense of importance and responsibility. But do not turn a child into a nanny.

Do not compare children! Praise the child and ask him to share his knowledge. By this you will teach your children to support each other. Give the children instructions that they can accomplish together, for example, to lay down toys, to think of a gift or go to the store. In addition, the team games are great.

What to do if children swear, fight, shoutOr are they sneering at each other? Respond to any manifestations of conflict, because it affects their self-esteem and their ability to behave with people. Remember that children are not alike in character, and your job is to teach them to respect each other. If the older child plays alone, then it is worth explaining to the youngest that he loves to play more like this.

It is not necessary to create competitions between children, because in the absence of competition their relations will be friendly.

How can you help children? Listen to them. If the child talks about the abuser, his anger will go away by itself. Understand the vision of the situation and be as benevolent as possible-agree with the abuser's parents. Let the children express absolutely everything they think about each other and do not interrupt them. After that, it is worth explaining to them why they are wrong.

Do not promise the child that his abuser will deal with you or that your abuser is stupid, because such statements cause only aggression.

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