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What to do if your child's teeth plaque

What to do if your child's teeth plaque

The teeth in babies are temporary, but they cause a lot of trouble.

Painfully erupt, ports, often the children's teeth can be observed plaque, often in primary teeth caries or pulpitis develops.

The appearance of plaque

Typically, all dental problems in childrenage begins with the formation of plaque. If a parent is found that the child appeared plaque, it should be a signal to the fact that more attention should be paid to hygiene and conduct of the oral cavity.
Dental plaque is an accumulationbacteria. That he often serves as a cause of tooth decay, inflammation in the gums and tartar. It should be noted that the plaque on the teeth in babies does not always appear because of careless conduct or complete lack of oral hygiene. Often it can be a symptom of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other diseases.
The most commonly in childhood can observeyellow or white plaque. It typically consists of epithelial particles, bacteria and food residues. This coating is usually very actively formed during the night, when the microorganisms multiply rapidly, that make up the natural microflora of the oral cavity. Of Good oral hygiene is enough to get rid of the yellow or white coating.

Remember: it is important to teach children to brush their teeth in the morning and evening.

Additional measures should be taken, if the colorplaque a darker, brown to greenish or black. As a rule, this phenomenon indicates the development of the child dysbiosis. In this case, the required complex treatment and mandatory consultation of the dentist.
Brown, gray or yellow coating on the intensiveteeth in a child talks about the possible development of caries. Often, we are talking about the so-called nursing caries. He develops in infants toddlers who suck at night with a bottle of juice, sweet milk mixture. If the baby is too small to treat the teeth at the dentist, a specialist will recommend making an active enamel coating calcium or silver.

Such measures are temporary. It is necessary to carry out proper treatment as soon as the baby gets older.

Treatment and prevention of plaque

Get rid of the plaque in the mostcases can only seek help from a qualified professional. The doctor will determine the true cause of the problem and advise on effective methods to solve it.
If plaque forms on the teeth is very intense, it can help systematically professional teeth cleaning. A similar procedure is now carried out not only for adults but also for small children.
To prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth, you should teach kids to brush their teeth as soon as possible. To do this, buy a special toothbrush and paste, the appropriate age of the child.

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