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What if the child does not take care of money

What if the child does not take care of money

This issue is, many parents, because it is crucial to teach your own child correctly refers to money. Why?

If the child does not understand the value of money, you risk eventually spender with debts that will never be neither successful nor independent.

Why children do not appreciate the money? They just do not know what it is, how much effort is required to buy another toy, clothing or food. This is it no one says, and they perceive all purchases as something taken for granted, and are surprised when there is no money or when they do not give money.

The child only begin to appreciate the money and thingswhere to purchase them, he will spend some energy, invest some effort and make some action. Of course, this does not mean that a child needs to earn at all for themselves. But, nevertheless, if you teach your child to make some of it available for efforts to obtain something, it will be able to radically change their attitude to spending money.

One of the most famous and most reliableways to increase the value of money in the eyes of a child - his involvement in the planning of the family budget. Let your kid and see that some of the money earned is spent on utilities, clothing and food. And if all of a sudden, after such allocation of money for the pleasure is not, ask the child what he can do to make money there. For example, it is ready to eat less, do not go to the toilet at night to save electricity? Let him think about how you can relate their own desires, and family income.

Another interesting way to help your childvalue of money - spending money. Here the most important thing - to discuss all the conditions in advance and give your child a choice. Discuss with your child every possible its purchase, that is, everything except alcohol, cigarettes and other "bad things", and ask for the end of the week a detailed report about how much it received, when, how and what to spend. If the report is - there is money for the next week, and if the report is not - there is no money.

The third option like the most - letchild pocket money for a week, but says to him that all the money saved it until the end of the week will be doubled. That is all that remains at the end of the week pocket money, resulting in an increase of 50%. Thus, your child will learn to save pocket money for something more. He will be a definite choice: spend the money on something smaller and cheaper or save doterpet and multiply money. If it can not save, do not abuse it, and explain that in this way it just postpones the purchase of the desired toy for an indefinite period. As a result, the child will decide for himself what to do.

If the child is immediately spent all the pocket moneyon the first day, jointly discuss with him why is it that the child is not taken into account. Explain how one would behave and sympathize with him, but never offer him financial compensation.

The most important thing in such training - to give a childfeel responsible for their own pocket money, because they are not salaries, are not the way of punishment and encouragement. Pocket money is a tool to help your child to manage finances. In addition, it is important to show that financial success does not depend on the salary, and how to dispose of the earned money. So in order to dispose of the money they need to save, they understand not all adults, but remember that mom and dad mistakes should not prevent them to bring up children

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