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What to do if a cat's hind legs numb

What to do if a cat's hind legs numb

Yesterday your cat happily rushed with the ball, and today can not even stand up.

Paralysis of the hind legs of a cat are familiar to many owners.

Some are sent to lull the poor man, the other, in spite of a poor prognosis veterinarians are trying to take all measures to cure your pet.

And for good reason.

Often the animal is fully recovering after intensive therapy.

In Do you first need to decide enoughyour effort, time and money to provide your pet the proper care and support. Perhaps a cat cure will take years. If the problem can not be eliminated in a short time, veterinarians usually do not give hope to customers, considering that a long and tedious treatment unnecessary.
what to do with a cat
Therefore, if you are a sober assessment of their capabilitiesand opted for treatment, the vet put in popularity. Depending on the reason for which could happen paralysis of the hind paws, he will appoint the scheme and preparations for recovery on an individual basis.
anorexia in cats

What can be done in addition.

How to euthanize a sick cat
After the competent veterinarian and foundobtained the necessary requirements, the owner can speed up the healing process by taking additional measures. To improve the condition of the cat helps massage. It should be easy to perform, but quite heavy traffic. Since muscles do not have time to quickly atrophy. Massage should be performed every day at five sessions of ten minutes duration.
Also, the cat is necessary to carry out a kind ofexercises - flexion and extension legs, simulate motor activity in the prone and standing positions. Paralyzed limbs would be useful exercise "walking." To this end, under the cat's stomach is passed towel and pull it slightly, causing the animal to move. If the cat's paw completely immobilized, you should rearrange their own hands.

Do not give up and on water treatment. Even if the cat shows discontent. The recovery process is very effective swimming. Suffice it to only a couple of times a week lowered the animal in the water, where he strained his foot, trying to move them. This cat should be supported.
Also, the basic treatment of paralyzed legs canIt is complemented by lessons on the ball. Put your pet on the ball the right size. This foot should touch the floor. Your task is to make sure that the cat began to balk limbs to the floor. To do this, slowly roll the ball back and forth.
Eventually, when paralysis of the hind legs recedeand they will return the sensitivity, try to tickle the cat's ear. It works reflex and he will attempt to reach the ear hind legs to scratch it. It will also be a kind of training.

If the treatment was not effective.

It happens that all the efforts remainresult. In this case, you can either euthanize a pet, or purchase a special wheelchair for him. Very soon, the cat will learn to independently use this simple device and will not experience difficulty in movement.

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