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What if the cat is poisoned potted flower

What to do if a cat poisoned with potted flower

Plants in the house - no doubt perfectly.

But not all popular flowers are safe for your cat.

Four-legged purring, as you know, love to feast on house plants.

The most dangerous for them - philodendron, dieffenbachia, lotus, Spathiphyllum, Caladium, hydrangea, euphorbias, calla.

How to protect your cat from eating poisonous flowers?

And, most importantly, what to do if your cat is still poisoned?

The easiest way to protect your petspupils from danger - to put flowers out of their reach, for example, hooks, set into the ceiling, or on high shelves attach. As "otvlekalochki" can be grown in a separate pot of wheat, oats or catnip and place it in a prominent place to the cat before him immediately reached.

You can also use aromatherapy. Spray plant something fragrant, it discourage cats desire to try it. You can also put next to a pot of pepper patch - the smell irritates too.

If your cat shows symptoms of poisoning, it is necessary to take her immediately to the vet, and the flower just in case, bring along - tell the doctor or his name.

If a veterinarian is not to get, you can carry out first aid. It is necessary that the cat vomited. Fill the catheter is one of the mixtures:

- Soap vodoy-

- Soapy water mixed with a peroxide vodoroda-

- Warm water with a spoon soliton

- hot water with a spoonful of mustard.

Note: If a cat's mouth inflammation, vomiting, cause you can not!

Then you need to try to neutralize the poison. Pour into the cat's mouth mixture of milk proteins, eggs and vegetable oil. It suspends the poison and give you time to take your cat to the vet. To bring the poison from the gut, use a laxative or enema with warm water. And be sure - to the veterinarian!

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