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WHAT to do if the cat is poisoned with a flower


What to do if the cat is poisoned with a flower</a>

The plants in the house are undoubtedly beautiful.

But not all popular flowers are safe for your cat.

Four-footed purrs, as you know, like to eat home plants.

The most dangerous for them - filodendron, diffenbachia, lotus, spathiphyllum, caladium, hydrangea, euphorbia, calla.

How to save a cat from eating poisonous flowers?

And, most importantly, what to do if your cat is still poisoned?

The easiest way to save your four-leggedPets from danger - to place flowers outside their reach, for example, on hooks embedded in the ceiling, or on high-shelved shelves. As a "distraction" it is possible to grow wheat, oats or catnip in a separate pot and place it in a conspicuous place so that the cat immediately reaches it.

You can also use aromatherapy. Spray the plant with something smelly, it will discourage the cat from trying it. You can also put a pepper band next to the pot - its smell also irritates.

If your cat shows symptoms of poisoning, you must immediately deliver it to the veterinarian, and the flower just in case grab with you - or tell the doctor its name.

If you can not get to the vet, you can do first aid. It is necessary for the cat to vomit. Fill the catheter with one of the following:

- with soapy water-

- with soapy water mixed with hydrogen peroxide-

- warm water with a spoon of salt-

- Hot water with a spoonful of mustard.

Attention: if there is inflammation in the cat's mouth, vomiting can not be caused!

Then you need to try to neutralize the poison. Pour into the jaws of the cat a mixture of milk, egg whites and vegetable oil. This will suspend the action of the poison and give you time to take the cat to the vet. To remove the poison from the intestine, apply a laxative or enema with warm water. And necessarily - to the veterinarian!

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