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What if the cat fell out of the window

What if the cat fell out of the window

Beginning with the first warm spring days, all veterinary clinics overrun with cats that have fallen out of the window.

The most common cat owners say that the animalalways liked to look at the street through the open window and never made attempts to jump. In fact, cats are relaxed attitude to what is happening on the street does not guarantee that it will never fall out of the window.

What do the owners of the animal which has fallen from a great height?

The apartment in the warm season, getting hot,and urban residents are happy to open the window, enjoying the sunny days. Domestic cats love to sit by the windows and watch what is happening outside the apartment. Unfortunately, people living with cute animals baleen no fear of falling from a height, because they do not have to face in their daily lives with the need to descend from a distance of more than 2 meters. At the same time, the hunting instinct in cats extraordinarily powerful and they can blithely jump out the window, trying to reach the birds or butterflies.

The cat fell out of the window: the first steps owner

If the owner of the cat still does not keep track, and hispitomitsy fell out of the window, an urgent need to take her to a veterinary hospitals. Within a maximum of two hours after the fall in the majority of cases, the life of a cat can still be saved. If there is a suspicion of the fact that your pet may be broken limbs or spine, then in any case do not need to put it in a bag or carrying. It should be as carefully as possible, without changing the position of the body of the animal, put it on a flat, firm, level surface - such as a wide board, laid by a blanket - and so take to the vet.
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If the cat was wounded and is an openbleeding, then you need to treat any wound with a disinfectant solution and apply a tourniquet over the wound - if the wound is on course limbs. Then immediately Bring the animal to the doctor. Even if visible damage to the cat there and it looks a little frightened, she may have injuries of internal organs - to rule out any pathology can only be experienced through the inspection veterinarian.
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The most dangerous injury in a cat that fell from the window

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Often an animal that fell into the street from the window,gets bruises and fractures - often broken front legs and spine. The main danger lies in the fact that when receiving simultaneously multiple injuries cat experiencing traumatic shock, which may result in an instant death. In many cases, the consequence of the fall of a cat from a height discrepancy becomes her upper palate. As a result, there is communication between the oral cavity and nose of a cat that you want to sew.
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If the bladder cat that fell frombox was filled, it can burst from hitting the ground. Result - peritonitis and rapid death of the animal from the toxic products of nitrogen metabolism.
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In any case, the responsibility for safetycat lies entirely on its host. They are kindly requested to attend the installation on a solid mesh window or not to open the window at all, if they do not want to be to blame for painful death of your pet.

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