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WHAT to do if the baby hiccups


What if the baby hiccups</a>

Hiccups in children occur for various reasons.

But if older children can give a drink of water, eat a spoonful of sugar or a slice of lemon, ask to take a deep breath and hold your breath, then with kids up to a year the situation is more complicated.

And first of all it is necessary to find out the cause of hiccups.

One of the causes of hiccups in children is hypothermia. If the child is frozen - cover it with a warm blanket. If the child is frozen for a walk - then immediately go home and warm the baby.
Sometimes hiccups in children arise as a result ofStrong emotion or stress: a loud sound, an unusual pungent smell, a large number of strangers. Try to move with the child in a quiet quiet place, press to yourself and calm down.
If the hiccups appeared during feeding, thenStop feeding your baby. It is necessary to hold the child upright, pressing to yourself and stroking the back. When the hiccup passes, you can continue feeding. Do not overfeed your baby.
For a faster fight against hiccough, you can give the baby a bottle of warm water.
If suddenly the hiccup does not pass a long time or is of a regular nature - be sure to consult a doctor and show him your baby.

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