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WHAT to do if you robbed an apartment


What to do if you robbed an apartment</a>

The rented apartment is a terrible dream of many homeowners. Unfortunately, apartment thefts are not the rarest type of crime, it is completely impossible to insure against it.

And if such a disaster has happened, the main thing is to act quickly and competently.



In case your apartment was robbed, only the police will help you. You should call 02 at once.


Prior to the arrival of the investigative-operational group,Enter the apartment and do not touch anything. It is not necessary to clean up in the apartment, trying to restore order, thereby you distort the picture of what happened and destroy the tracks that the perpetrator may have left.


After the inspection of the placeIncident and recorded all the tracks, you should enter the apartment, calmly, without unnecessary emotions, to establish what exactly was stolen, and how to describe in more detail the signs of the stolen property, its value.


Provide police officers with all information about housing and recording video cameras, if you have them. Records from DVRs of cars standing in the yard will also help.


Remember and describe all the suspicious people you saw recently. Some of them can take place in police reports.

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