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What if the apartment was robbed

What if the apartment was robbed

Rob the apartment - a nightmare of many homeowners. Unfortunately, burglary - not the most rare type of crime, it is impossible to completely protect yourself from it.

And if such a disaster occurred, the main thing - to act quickly and competently.



If your apartment was robbed, you will only help the police. You must immediately call 02.


Before the arrival of the investigation group does notenter the apartment and do not touch anything. Do not clean up the apartment, trying to put things in order, thus you are distorting the picture of what happened and destroy traces that may have left a criminal.


After a site inspection performedincident and recorded all the tracks, you should enter the apartment, quietly, without unnecessary emotions, to establish that it was stolen, and how you can describe in detail the signs of stolen property, its value.


Provide police officers all the information about accommodation and recording video cameras, if you have them. Assist also recording with DVR machines, standing in the courtyard.


Recall and describe all suspicious people you have seen in recent times. Some of them may be held in police reports.

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