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What if scratched the car in the yard

What if scratched the car in the yard

In recent years, increasing the welfare of citizens, and therefore more and more cars with each passing year.

However, the places where you can leave the car, not so much to be enough for everyone.

Therefore, people are parked where work, and oftenreveal their favorite of the iron in the form of a little product - for example, a scratched wing punctured wheel, cracked glass or a broken bumper.

What to do after the discovery of damage to the car

First of all, check the existing damage anddecide whether the damage in order to spend their time and nerves to communicate with the traffic police and the insurance company. Perhaps scratch is not deep enough to make sense to engage in proceedings.
But if you still think that the damage should berefunded and you have a policy Hull, call the traffic police, so they fixed the damage, which are available on your car. Also, call your insurance company and consult on the examination and assessment of damage.
In the case of CASCO insurance policy you do not have,call traffic police on the scene of an accident. They document the fact of damage to your machine, both during the accident, in which the second party (the culprit) disappeared.

Also Ask grandparents at the entrances and mothers walking with children on the playground. It is possible that some of them will be able to help you with valuable information.

To speed up the process of finding the culprit, youYou can print advertisement, which must respond to the witnesses of the incident. Hang these ads better access to the doors of houses in your backyard.
If at the entrances of nearby buildings and yourhomes are video cameras, please refer to the management company, demanding permission to see the video of the day, when your car scratched. They can be fixed, and the fact of the accident and the perpetrator. In this case, notify the traffic police of the evidence found you.

How to manually remove minor scratches from car

It may happen that in spite of allaccompanying police efforts to find the culprit will not be possible, and the policy CASCO you are not available. In this case, to repair damage to the car you will have at their own expense.

On the automotive market in sales of existing tools that hide scratches. The most popular of them - polish "Without scratches" which masks and removes minor damage.

If you do not want to resort to expensiveCar service, you can remove scratches from the body of his car on their own, with the help of repair paints. They work very simply, and the repair cost will be reduced only to the cost of the bottle of varnish and paint. To spoil this means covering the body impossible. The main thing is to choose the right shade, fully coincides with the color of your car.
Clean and degrease the car body surface. After that, spray paint on the damaged area and allow it to dry. Cover its top paint.

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