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What if lonely

What if lonely

often enough, that the man in the midst of a huge number of people feel lonely.

It seems to be constantly going communication and interaction with other people, but my heart is very empty and sad.

What is loneliness

Loneliness - it is the human condition, withwhere he is in isolation from the other: in the physical real and imaginary soul. In the first case it is due to some external factors: work in remote places, enforced isolation from society (a dangerous offender or a mentally ill person). And in the second - there is in the human soul, in spite of the constant contact with others when there is no soul mate, close in views and meaning in life.
The most difficult is it peaceloneliness. It can occur for different reasons: the separation from a loved one, the death of loved ones, moving to another city / country. Sometimes a person is lonely since childhood because of the complexity of the inner world, which is not clear to his entourage.
Women are more likely than men to suffer from loneliness due to a highly developed emotional. But sometimes men are very hard to experience this condition.

How to fight loneliness

Main in struggle with loneliness - this is nothung up on this sense. A small period of stay with a very helpful self, because with permanent employment very often do not have time to understand themselves, their feelings and sincere desire. But do not become isolated, try to isolate themselves from society for a long time, otherwise it could turn into a depression, from which it is then very difficult to get out on their own without the help of professionals.
In no case should not bind or drinkloneliness, it is not going anywhere, and the consequences can be very severe and sometimes even intractable (alcoholism). Do not take a seat on various depressants, they certainly help, but may appear dependence, and the reason will not go away by itself.
If loneliness arose due to parting witha loved one, then do not blame yourself and invent different complexes. It is not necessary to delve into the past and remember the good moments of this feeling of bitterness will only get stronger, and the loneliness even more manifest. Give yourself a little time to relax, rest of all - get in his state several positive aspects. After all, you will have enough time to do them and do something that could not be in a relationship. We should not feel lonely person, and free, which is not necessary to anybody accountable for their actions.
After a few days of rest should gosociety and take your day to the maximum, so there was no time for sad thoughts. This is a good opportunity to make a career, gain new skills and knowledge to do a favorite hobby. Enjoy every day, and try to communicate with more positive people, who are not going through the difficult days of his life, they will help you to tune in the desired fashion. You can visit different places of entertainment, if you really want, do not do it by force, otherwise it may cause the opposite effect. And never regret about the past, because the future depends only on you.
If you are alone because of the death of loved ones, herea slightly different situation, and this feeling only time will heal. Loved ones should not be forgotten, but we must understand that no help what you can not change, and something too. So take it for granted, but continue to live. And loaded with things day is also a good option to get rid of bad thoughts. When a person gets tired of the day, not at night to experience. And over time, the loneliness will not be as sharp, and communication with others partially compensates for this.
When you move to another place where there is nonefriends, feelings of loneliness may also occur due to lack of communication with loved ones when no one with whom to share their thoughts, emotions. Here option could be telephone calls or chat via the Internet (Skype - a good opportunity to not only hear, but also see the person even in a different country and absolutely free). And, of course, is to try to meet new people from the inner circle - neighbors, colleagues.
Loneliness can be useful in the short period of time, do not feel sorry for yourself, it only exacerbates the situation, and try to use it to their advantage in order to improve and develop.

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