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What if I want to love, tenderness, warmth and affection

What if I want to love, tenderness, warmth and affection

Women - very gentle creatures.

They often want to caress and heat from his men, but sometimes their second halves do not notice and do not realize it.

Why does a person does not get what he wants?

Psychologists believe that one of the main reasonswhy the person does not get what he wants, it is the lack of communication. Even children understand, if you wish for something, you need to say about it. Not always partners know that with respect to existing needs, and they are different in men and women. In order to build a strong and lasting relationship, you must take into account these requirements.
Requirements men: sexual udovletvorenie- ally in otdyhe- attractive woman-home comfort and heat woman who is proud of her man. The needs of women: nezhnost- obschenie- honesty men- financial pomoshch man's attention to the family and children.
Of course, this does not mean gritting your teeth, yourequired to meet the needs of your guy. But you must be prepared to give the partner one, so that he in return gave you more. If one of the critical needs of a man or woman is not satisfied, to reach an understanding almost impossible.

If there is no understanding between you, the partner will never be able to give you what you need, because he simply does not understand what you want.

What do you do to get away from a desired partner?

Start communicating with your loved one, please tell us about your feelings and desires, let them know, do not try to tell it what to do, but just want him to listen to you.
Ask what they think, what they want is your choice, pay attention to what a man says to you, it's important to him.

Tell the man what you want from him. They do not notice the hints and understand everything literally.

Admire the man, he needs it. Become a friend of loved one, rather than a competitor. Pay attention to the strengths of the elect, because everyone has flaws, even you.
Thank the man for even the most minoractions, it will help him to become more sensual. Create a romantic atmosphere, invite them to a meeting or write a note with the recognition, and he will feel your love for yourself.
If your partner will feel your love, he wants to give you his. Consequently, you get all the love, tenderness, warmth and affection.
The most important - is communication. Speak and you will answer, use conversation to understand each other. Learn how to conduct confidential conversations, it will help to reach an understanding, which, in turn, will help qualitatively to show love to a loved one.
What goes around, comes around - everyone knows the truth, which clearly reflects what you need to do to get what you want. Sow the seeds of love, and you will receive the fruits of mutual sincere feelings.

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