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WHAT to do if I want love, tenderness, warmth and affection


What to do if you want love, tenderness, warmth and affection</a>

Women are very delicate creatures.

They very often want affection and warmth from their men, but sometimes their second halves just do not notice and do not understand it.

Why does not a person get what he wants?

Psychologists believe that one of the main reasonsWhy a person does not get what he wants is the lack of communication. Even children understand, if you want something, you need to say about it. Not always partners know that there are needs in the relationship, and they are different for men and women. In order to build a strong and long-lasting relationship, these needs must be taken into account.
Men's needs: Sexual gratitude-companion in rest-an attractive woman-home comfort and warmth, a woman who is proud of her man. The needs of women: tenderness, communication, honesty of men, financial help, the attention of men to the family and children.
Of course, this does not mean that clenched teeth, youMust satisfy the needs of your boyfriend. But you must be ready to give one partner, that in return he gives you another. If one of the important needs of men or women is not met, it is almost impossible to reach mutual understanding.

If there is no mutual understanding between you, the partner will never be able to give what you need, because he just does not understand what you want.

What can I do to get what I want from my partner?

Start communicating with your loved one, tell us about your feelings and desires, make it clear that you are not trying to tell him what to do, but just want him to listen to you.
Ask about what he thinks, what your chosen one wants, be attentive to what a man tells you, for him it is important.

Tell the man what exactly you want from him. They do not notice the hints and everyone understands literally.

Admire the man, he needs it. Become a friend for a loved one, not a competitor. Pay attention to the strengths of the chosen one, because everyone has shortcomings, even you.
Thank the man, even for the most insignificantIt will help him become more sensual. Create a romantic atmosphere, invite him on a date or write a note with a confession, and he will feel your love for yourself.
If the partner will feel your love, he will want to give you his. Therefore, you will receive everything: love, tenderness, warmth and affection.
The most important thing is communication. Speak and you will be answered, use the conversation to understand each other. Learn to conduct confidential conversations, it will help to achieve mutual understanding, which, in turn, will help to show a quality love for a loved one.
What you sow, then reap - all known truth, which uniquely reflects what exactly you need to do to get what you want. Sow the seeds of love, and you will receive the fruits of mutual sincere feelings.

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