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WHAT to do if the gums are very painful


What to do if the gums ache badly</a>

Few physically healthy people can boast of good, strong teeth and healthy gums.

Bad ecology, poor quality water, unnatural food, lack of vitamins and minerals all contribute to the destruction of teeth.

As you know, toothache is one of the most acute,Aching and unpleasant. Many are familiar with the terrible state when it is impossible to chew food, drink drinks and just sit still. You do not need to endure such pain in any way. Pain is an indication that something is broken in the body.

There are a variety of gum diseases of varying severity.

How to find out what the gums are hurting

The simplest and most reliable way to find out fromThat such a strong pain in the mouth - go to the reception to the dentist, preferably checked. Of course, there are signs that you can independently find out what the problem is, and state the fact of inflammation of the gums. To such signs concern: a bleeding, occurrence on gums of pryshchikov, sores, an acute pain at pressing.
However, a trip to a specialist is necessary, since heWill help to make sure not only in own rightness. The doctor will determine, with what exactly the toothache is connected, will write out medicines, proceeding from a special case of the patient. For example, a person can determine for himself that the gums inflamed and start rinsing with a mint broth, sage. However, the degree of inflammation can be different, and it is likely that you should not rinse your mouth with broth, but do something else, for example, to treat periodontal disease.

Medicines for gums

If the dentist has confirmed that they are inflamedGums, and this is not a very serious disease, and we say "easy" inflammation, then in pharmacies without a special prescription is sold a number of medicines. Very effective and safe drug "Stomatophyte", which is used to treat the onset of inflammatory processes and to prevent them. Alcohol solution of herbs should be dissolved in water in the proportions specified in the instructions and rinse out their mouth cavity. The taste is, of course, unpleasant, but the result is noticeable after the first rinse.
Like Stomatophyte, anotherA medical solution called "Paradontocid". The gel "Metrogil Denta" is able to calm the gums, heal wounds. Ointment should be rubbed into the gums, which is not very convenient, but it is necessary to be treated. Also effective ointments for pain in the gums are: "Apident-Active", "Kholisal", "Asepta", "Solcoseril" and "Komistad."
It is worth to visit the dentist and to prevent dental diseases.

To go on reception to the stomatologist it is desirable a minimum time in half a year.

A completely healthy oral cavity can only be in the case of healthy teeth and gums, so you just need to take care of them equally.

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