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What if my Gmail address is locked?


What if my Gmail address is locked?</a>

If at work an evil system administrator has disabled access to Gmail mail - do not despair, because there are other ways to enter your email account.



Use a different address.
Google-mail has a lot of address-mirrors, going toWhich, you can safely continue using your box. For example, you can try to drive into the address field instead of "http" a variant of a more secure Internet connection "https" or go to the mobile version.


Configure a special e-mail program.
If none of the addresses were able to help, you should try to configure the mail client, for example, Outlook Express or TheBat.


Install Google Desktop.
With this program, usually performing search engine functions, sometimes it turns out to bypass the restriction in access to Gmail-mail.


Install Gmail Lite.
This extension was created to give the user the ability to read the message in HTML form, but with it you can also access your account.


Use a proxy.
A proxy server will help you get anonymous access to your Gmail email and continue to use it without any restrictions.

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