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What if flooded neighbor

What if flooded neighbor

In the apartment house there is always a potential risk of flooding.

This not only neighbors living above, can flood your apartment, but you may well damage the bottom residents, inundating them.

And it does not depend on how carefully you use water - is very often the cause of such accidents have become corroded pipe or violation of their integrity for some other reason.

Making act

Once detected the accident, call immediatelyplumbing, so he cut off the water supply. Owner flooded apartment should call representatives of the management company that serves your home, rap or HOA to draw up a statement about the incident and assess the damage. At this point, you have to drop everything and be in a flooded apartment, checking the accuracy of the instrument.
Unified form of the document is notThere is, but it describes what happened with the date and place indicated the cause of the accident. After that, given a list of damaged property. A detailed list is provided with a specific room. Quantitative assessment of the damaged wallpaper, floors, ceilings given in square meters. Monitor that the act was not overstated the extent of the damage. It should be noted the general condition and deterioration of premises, furniture, furnishings and prescription repair. Make sure that the instrument has not been made damage not related to the flooding.

Who is guilty

To be responsible for the damage should be the owner. If you rent an apartment, you must determine the cause of the flooding and to find out, perhaps, the landlord handed it to you in hiring with the existing pipe defects, or they have been damaged as a result of normal wear and tear and corrosion of metal.
It is necessary to identify the perpetrator. According to Government Decree № 491 from 13.08.2006g., The management company, which is the balance of your home, is responsible for the condition of the risers water and tap them until the first locking device (crane), located in your home. If the cause of the accident there were problems with the riser, it is the fault of the management company and claims you should not be.


If the affected neighbors invite independentappraiser expert, this should happen in two weeks after the accident, to her damage was already fully visible. You should also be sure to be present during the examination. If you do not agree with the amount of damage that the expert will show in the report, your right - to go to court to forensic examination was carried out. But it's best to try to negotiate with its neighbors peacefully, as in the case of your fault, you will have to pay not only for the damage from the flood, but the legal costs.

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