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What if bad headache

What if bad headache

From headaches suffer huge number of people.

Accommodation in the big cities with their pollution, noise and all the progressive pace of life strongly influences health.

Increasingly, an echo of this life becomes a headache.

What a headache

The causes of pain in the head a lot of - stress,fatigue, overexertion, unfavorable environmental conditions, migraine, meteosensitivity. If the head hurts badly, and often it is necessary to turn to the doctor as soon as possible. It should be examined and tests to avoid really serious diagnosis and treatment.
If a headache is not so often, but it is unpleasantworried, you should get out into the fresh air, stroll hour or two, and saturate the body with oxygen. Often the headache runs only on this. And in the room for a period of walks to open wide a window for ventilation.
We must try to avoid the noise, sharp and strongodors, cold or vice versa too warm rooms. If possible, often left alone and sit in a comfortable position, eyes closed. You can also take a relaxation bath with aromatic oils, but the water should be warm and comfortable for the body.
The light in the room should be bright and "cut" the eye. From the outside, you need to wear eye sunglasses on her head - a hat, if it is cold, or panamku, if it is hot.
Headache may also contribute to the newand unusual food. It is necessary to try to eliminate it. Or, if the food was spoiled, it is necessary to take drugs sorbent to remove toxic substances from the body.
If sleep and wakefulness is disturbed, it is alsocan cause recurrent headaches. Lack of sleep or too long sleep should be balanced, to avoid sudden changes. Also pay attention to the mattress, perhaps it is inconvenient, and should replace him. The pillow is also very important, the most appropriate in this case will cushion buckwheat husks. She repeats the contours of the body and relieves neck tension in the muscles.
Working at a computer, it is often necessary to riseand make a small charge for the back and neck. The cause of headaches can also become osteochondrosis. In this case, you can do a course of prophylactic massage.
Be sure to engage in physical exercise -swimming pool, yoga or jogging should become companions and helpers in the fight with a headache. Physical activity contributes to the normalization of all processes in the body - derived toxins, quickens the blood circulation and thus organs are supplied with nutrients and oxygen much faster.
It is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition - eating fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals, drink plenty of water. These actions - a guarantee that the headache recede forever.

What medications to take for headache

If the headache is impossible to tolerate, it is worthdrink the medicine - tablet or syrup. The most common analgesics are today - paracetamol, analgin, tsitramon ibuprofen. But they should drink with caution, taking into account all contraindications, and very often, since many drugs can be addictive.

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