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What if a video card does not work

What if a video card does not work

Productive work computer depends on many of its components, crucial of which is the video card.

If the card does not work or act up, it is necessary to take a number of measures.


Breaking video can often be associatedwith its careless exploitation. To see the status of the video card, it is necessary to disassemble the system unit and clean the inside of the dust with a dry cloth and vacuum cleaner (if a lot of dust). Then we must consider the graphics card. Mechanical damage can be expressed in a broken cooling system, convex or leaking transistors unpleasant burnt smell. If the external signs of damage there is, the card will have to carry the diagnosis to a service center.
A much greater wear than the video card,subject to the monitor and connecting cables from it. Before you declare with the video card problems, make sure of serviceability of the monitor and cables. This can be done by removing and re-inserting the cable ends in the starting field. If this has not led to a positive result, it is possible to change the cables in places from one computer to another. The same can be done with the monitor. If nothing has changed, then, most likely, it's really in the video card.

Repair and Replacement

Checking the graphics performance cancarried out according to the law on consumer protection, up to two weeks, after which the decision will be made to replace, repair or refund the video card to the buyer in connection with its serviceability. Repairs can be carried out either on a guarantee (if the video card recently acquired), or for a fee, if the warranty period has expired. If the working card, then it will be returned to the buyer. The lack of pictures on the screen, or its improper mapping is not always associated with the state of the graphics card.

Sale of spare parts

If the card can not be repaired and itthe warranty period has expired, you can try to sell it for parts. The price will be cheaper, but it's still better than nothing. In these broken products may be interested various private service centers, independent from any stores or brands. Disassemble the video card can be independently and as replacement fans, transistors, etc. never superfluous.
Not the fact that the failure of one service center inrepair means giving and elsewhere. This can happen for various reasons: the reluctance of artists to understand the difficult situation, the sustainability of the order of spare parts, lack of proper qualifications of masters. It is necessary to visit a few shops, and probably one of them will take to mend a broken card.

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