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What if a child is afraid of strangers

What if a child is afraid of strangers

At 8 months, the child begins to show fear of strangers.

This is a normal development of the instinct of self-preservation. What should parents do?

Explore tips for removing unnecessary anxiety.

If an eight-month baby is frightened rejectshis father, who had returned from a business trip a week, or a grandmother after yesterday's visit - do not worry. We are not talking about the child's mental instability. He has successfully and in time formed the basic instinct of self-preservation.

The first alarm

The first stress and anxiety experienced when pipsqueakvisiting a doctor in a children's clinic. Strangers in white coats Teasing him, weighed and considered. Vaccination adds negative emotions baby.
Help him! Read together the night the tale of Dr. Aibolit let leaf through the book, see the picture. Buy a toy medical instruments and together with him in a white robe "treat" horses and dolls.


Negative feelings can cause a childmeeting with strangers on the street. In the world of large volumes of all the scares. To get started, try to communicate with young children and their mothers. Social circle expanded, and other people will perceive the baby without fear. Ask your friend to talk to you at the meeting quietly, a strange man's voice can cause anxiety in the child.
Do not engage in targeted combatingshyness, nervousness and capricious baby when dealing with a stranger. He consciously begins to divide into their own and others, experiencing anxiety when he sees people who are not similar to the mother. Fear of losing my mother - it is fear of the unknown.
Be patient, give your child timeacquaintance with a stranger. Let your little cousin will sit side by side, give him a bright soft toy to a pipsqueak realized: this man his own. One child is enough a few minutes to sitting in the arms of my mother, to calm down. Another will take a few times to visit you for a visit. Some curious children can just get on the guest's lap.


Do not shift the care of the child and to grandmotherbabysitters. If parents are dedicating their free time to communicate with the baby, it is less susceptible to fear and stress in the future. Avoid noisy meetings and crowded places.
Do not scare him in case of disobedience "alien uncle" or "babaykoy". You can not ignore the children's fears. Mom can cure this child grief for his love, to protect the baby from an unknown world.
For two years in the fear of strangers in a child disappears, and he will be happy to communicate with everyone. From you, the parents, depends on how quickly the child will outgrow their childhood experiences.

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