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WHAT hypoallergenic cat


From allergies to cats suffering from a huge number of people. Scientists have shown that there are hypoallergenic breeds of pets that do not cause discomfort to their hosts.

According to the stereotype, many believe that such a cat should have to be without hair.

However, the list of hypoallergenic breeds have a pretty fluffy representatives.

The cause of allergies to cats

The main cause of allergy to cats - substanceIt called "glycoprotein." It is produced by the sebaceous glands of an animal, he and spreads through the air, getting to the respiratory organs. Healthy people to such a process does not respond, and here at Allergy glycoprotein causes a lot of suffering.

Even if you have got gippoallergennuyu cat, try to frequently ventilate the apartment and bathe your pet. Try to limit animal contact with your clothing.

Scientists over the years trying toto prove whether there are breeds of cats, which can be considered hypoallergenic. The unequivocal answer to this question research is not allowed. However, there is a list of varieties of cats that, due to certain properties of wool, virtually do not cause allergies. It is noteworthy that cats are less allergenic than cats.

"Bald" Cat Allergy

Bald cat can make, not every host. Such animals have rather exotic appearance and require special care. However, for people with allergies, they are to have a chance at a four-legged pet home.

There are special wipes and air fresheners that reduce the amount of allergens. Such means should buy, even if you have a hypoallergenic cat.

For hypoallergenic breed of hairless cats include "Sphinx". Such animals are completely devoid of hair and allocate the minimum amount of the glycoprotein.

Hypoallergenic cats with short hair

There are breeds of cats, and do not causeallergy, but it has not so exotic appearance as sphinxes. A striking example is the "Rex". Breed "Devon Rex", for example, it has a distinctive feature in the form of short wavy or curly hair. Further, these cats are not only cause allergies but rarely molt. Special care they do not need and do not differ fastidious nature.
Russian Blue Cat is also suitable forAllergy. Wool she is short, and looks very nice. Animals differ quite plump physique and have a beautiful tone velvet coat. Outwardly, they look like plush toys.
Javanese cat also has a muscular appearance and short hair without undercoat. Like Russian Blue, it is ideal for sharing with allergies.

Fluffy hypoallergenic cat

The most prominent representative of fluffy hypoallergenic cats is a Siberian breed. The wool from these animals is long, but the hormone that causes allergies, they almost do not emit.
Balinese, who are often referred to as"Longhaired Siamese", also have thick, fluffy hair, but the enzyme that causes the allergy, they emit a minimal amount. Outwardly, this breed did not correlate with the characteristic of "hypoallergenic".

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