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What is html-code page of the site

What is html-code page of the site

HTML-code - a code that defines how will be located elements (text, images, video, etc.) on the web page.

Language HTML is pretty simple to understand, but it is constantly being improved and updated with new features.

What is the HTML-code?

HTML stands for and translated,as "HyperText Markup Language". Hypertext - a special method of navigation on the web pages, implemented in the form of hypertext links. By clicking on these links, you can easily navigate through the site structure. Transitions occur at the same time is not linear, ie, you always have the ability to jump to any page of the site, a link to which you can see at the moment.
By marking some of the rules are understood andproperties which are endowed with page elements. They are implemented as so-called tags. For example, to specify that the specific text on the page should be placed at its center, it can be marked using the center of the tag. See the HTML-code of a particular page is available with its context menu. For example, to access this code in Firefox, you must right-click within the page and select "Page Source".

How does HTML-code?

HTML-code is a set of short tags,contained therein to page elements. All of this code is stored in a file with the extension .html or .htm. When you open such a file in the browser code is interpreted by them, and in the window given page in the finished form. Knowing HTML markup language to create their own page can be almost anyone.

What are tags?

Tags are separate structure within the HTML-Code. This plain text enclosed inside angle brackets "< "And">". Tags you can see in the HTML-code of almost any page. By themselves, the tags are not displayed on the pages, they displayed a specific element which is encoded with tags. For example, if a page there is a picture, then its HTML code contains a tag img.

HTML Limitations

Despite the fact that the HTML code allows to buildQuite a hypertext page, it has its limitations. Pages containing only such code is static, ie, they lack dynamics, special effects, and other features. But they can be introduced using other languages ​​such as Java Script. The vast majority of modern websites are created using other languages ​​that make them more alive and interactive.

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