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WHAT horeca

What horeca

HoReCa (short for hotel, restaurant, cafe) - a market segment that combines the hospitality industry.

The other value is treated as a type of sales channel and as specific promotions.

HoReCa segment as a Service

The term is often used HoReCa participants andoperators of the hospitality and catering market - restaurateurs, suppliers, manufacturers, hoteliers. Relatives within the meaning of the term is an abbreviation of HoReCa (cafes, bars, restaurants).
The largest segments of the market arehotel and restaurant market. Condition of the hotel segment is largely dependent on the development of the country's tourist services. This market is extremely heterogeneous and can be divided, for example, five-star, three-star hotels and other categories. The basis of division - class service.
On the Russian restaurant market can be identifiedpremium restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars, coffee shops and cafes. As a criterion for the classification of acts proposed range. The market conditions largely depends on the well-being of citizens, as well as the mentality of the people in the country and their preferred eating out.

As the HoReCa distribution channel

Another aspect of the use of the term is associated HoReCawith sales. In this context, it refers to a particular distribution channel. Often he is called on-trade. From retail sales channel (off-trade) is characterized in that the purchased product is consumed directly in the point of sale.
Originally called HoReCa special sales departmentsalcohol companies focused on selling directly to hotels and restaurants. As a rule, they were focused on the sale of exclusive and expensive drinks. Today target marketing HoReCa includes not only alcohol and cigarettes, and exclusive premium products for restaurants, specialized equipment for public catering establishments, as well as various accessories for the hospitality industry. Recently category HoReCa sales channels are becoming larger proportion. This is due to the active development of restaurant and hotel business in Russia.
Special attention of producers to HoReCa sales channel due to the fact that it is unparalleled platform for the formation of consumer loyalty to brands.

promotions HoReCa

HoReCa The term is often used in relation tospecial promotions mind. Their peculiarity is that they are carried out directly in the places of rest of people (such as cafes, clubs). Typically, the promoters are selected to work sociable people good looks that are easy to find contact with other people.
Benefits HoReCa shares due to the fact thatcustomers in cafes and restaurants are more relaxed and inclined to dialogue, and provides companies with little cost to go to the target, the better the audience. A similar effect as from the promotions, the HoReCa difficult to achieve through a traditional advertising tools (outdoor advertising, or the media).
Called in HoReCa industry is understood set of POS-materials. This, for example, stands for towels, ashtrays, etc..

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