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WHAT holy day June 13

What is the holy day on June 13

The end of spring sowing, as well as a harvest festival, noted in Russia in a big way.

The tradition of folk festivals on June 13 and has remained to this day, though, few people remember why.

June 13 anciently considered the day of the veneration of saintsJeremiah the prophet, known in the annals of the Old Testament. Since the days of ancient Russia feast day called Jeremiah Raspryagalnika, it is connected with the end of spring sowing and thus release, ie raspryaganiem horses.

It is believed that it is often in this day cuckoo heralds the great weather, but the rainy weather that day has always been considered a sign of poor, poor harvest.

Jeremiah himself was one of the followersChrist accepted the painful death of the sacred teachings and their own religious beliefs. Failure to bringing the pagan sacrifices, which would become a symbol of renunciation Yeremii from the faith, led to a brutal torture. According to legend, the saint died and on the third day of major trials, and even healed witness this miracle, blinded by fear and surprise.

Day of St. Anthony of Padua and the Spirit

June 13 is also traditionally considered the day of the HolySpirit, that is the principle which is designed to forgive sins and to create a variety of wonders. On this day, name day celebrate carriers named Roman, Christine and Polycarp.
According to Catholic tradition, June 13th is considered the daySt. Anthony, one of the most revered saints. The scion of noble parents, Anthony of Padua in 15 years enrolled in the study at the monastery and dedicated his life to serving the Lord. Numerous pilgrimages, a thorough knowledge of the holy scriptures, folk sermon made Anthony a highly respected among the common people, is known for the priest and his miracles, that this was the major reason for reckoning it to the rank of saints. Interestingly, the glory and honor of the saint reached the borders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and has made it a favorite of Orthodox Christians.

Anthony is considered the patron saint of the family and the poor,come to him to ask for luck in love affairs and undertakings, according to tradition, young people write their messages on special pieces of paper and throw little notes in the church boxes.

Islam Day

In Islam the night of 12 June 13, isthe name of the night or purification Baraat. The Taming of the spirit and the flesh in those days considered a guarantee of absolution. According to the dowry, all who pray and ask for leniency can find forgiveness and be cleansed in the night.
The Jews celebrate this day pilgrimage holiday, or Pentecost. By giving this day, Moses was honored to receive the scripture, the Torah, from the hands of the Lord on Mount Sinai.

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