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Holidays are celebrated on August 30


August 30 - Kazan City Day</a>

August 30 is the day of the city in Kazan, Rostov the Great, Zaslavl and Kostyukovichi.

This number also falls on the name day of Alexei, Ilya, Myron, Paul, Dmitry, Philip and Ulyana.

And what holidays and memorable dates are celebrated on this day in the world?

Day of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan

August 30 - Republic Day of EducationTatarstan, as well as Kazan City Day. The Declaration on Sovereignty was adopted by the Supreme Council of the Republic in 1990. However, Tatarstan did not become a member of the Russian Federation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The holiday was first celebrated in 1991. Then it was announced in advance and August 29 was declared a day off.
Since then, on August 30, the presidentThe republic speaks with an appeal to citizens and congratulates residents on the holiday. Large settlements of the region have a solemn appearance, festivities and entertainment are organized everywhere. The celebration ends with an evening salute.

The Republic of Tatarstan received its name in 1992.

International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances

In 2011, the UN General AssemblyProclaimed August 30 the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances. According to experts, kidnapping has turned into a global problem. And if until recently, kidnapping has been associated with dictatorial regimes, today they happen everywhere, often with the goal of exerting political pressure on opponents. Now every year on August 30, activists are engaged in informing citizens about this issue and calling on the community to pay attention to it.

Victory Day in Turkey

In Turkey, August 30 - the largest stateHoliday Zafir Bayram - the day of victory over the Greek invaders and the day of memory of the fallen in the battle of Dumlupinar, which completed the struggle of the Turks for independence in 1922. The Greek-Turkish war, which lasted from 1919 to 1922, Ended with the defeat of the Greeks.
In October 1922 in Lausanne, a peacefulConference, which brought together representatives of major European countries. It ended with the signing of a treaty that enshrines the independence of Turkey and establishes its borders.

Victory day is celebrated not only by the Turks, but also by Turkish Cypriots.

Annually military parades and various militarized ceremonies, as well as concerts and festivities are organized on Zafir Bayram.

August 30 in the national calendar

On the national calendar August 30 - MyronThe wind. On this day, the peasants were completing field work. "On Miron you will not be dismissed - the next year you will gather some flowers" was the old proverb. Another name for this day - Widows help. It was customary to help widows, orphans and all the destitute. Families mutually mowed the hay, chopped wood and threshed sheaves specifically for families in which there were no men.

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