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WHAT holidays are celebrated on April 16

What holidays are celebrated on April 16

April 16 is celebrated several holidays in different countries - Russia, Bulgaria, Armenia.

Among them - the professional and folk holidays momentous days.

Armenian police officer Day

On April 16, Armenia marks the Day of workerPolice. On this day the law "On Police" was adopted in 2001. By tradition, the festive day is marked by the laying of wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Yerevan's Victory Park. All police departments congratulate most distinguished employees for the year and hand them state awards and certificates. Also, the police receive congratulations from the President of Armenia and regional officials. In many towns held major celebrations to mark the important date. police officer's Day in Armenia is not a business.

In Armenia, a police officer's Day is widely celebrated not only by the police, but also the rest of the population.

Day of the Constitution and the first day of a lawyer in Bulgaria

April 16, 1879 was adopted in Bulgariathe first independent constitution, known as the Tarnovo, on behalf of the ancient capital of Bulgaria. The constitution was established the first Grand National Assembly formed after the overthrow of Turkish rule. The document proclaimed Bulgaria a constitutional republic, but in subsequent years the monarchs received an increasing impact on the administration of the state and a new constitution was adopted in 1934. After the Soviet power in 1947, the main document of the country changed again, the following changes have taken place in 1971, and the modern constitution dates back to 1991. However, the Bulgarians still remember the day when their country finally became independent.

Many Bulgarian citizens oppose the current constitution and call back Turnovo.

April is rich in Bulgaria for the holidays. April 16 is celebrated as the Day of the lawyer. The holiday was adopted in 1991. On this day, the lawyers receive congratulations from management and performance fees.

Nikita Vodopola Day in Russia

April 16 vintage festival is celebrated in Russia,dedicated to the Greek Orthodox abbot Nikita the Confessor. According to the signs, this day starts hard to melt the ice, and water running out from under the ice captivity. From the height of the flood the entire economy depended on the Russian peasants, so they prayed hard to St. Nikita and calculated volumes for signs of water. It was also believed that on this day wakes up the water, which is necessary to appease, so it does not flooded fields and brought a lot of fish. The water throwing bread, cereal, butter, and sometimes even sacrificed horse.

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