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WHAT holidays are celebrated on April 29

April 29 - Day of Showa in Japan

April 29 - World Day of dance, combiningMillions of fans of this art form in the world. On this day you can witness the unusual flashmob or visit any idea - the benefit in honor of significant date they organized an incredible amount.

If you are indifferent to dance, in the 29th, there are several reasons to celebrate.

International Dance Day

World Dance Day was established by UNESCO in 1982year and is celebrated on April 29 - the birthday of the great French choreographer Jean-Georges Nover, considered the "father of modern ballet." For millions of dancers, choreographers, directors, members of the ensemble of folk dances and ballroom Worldwide Day of Dance is a professional holiday. But do not stay on the sidelines and fans, stritdensery, self-taught, and all those who share a love for this unique art form.
In Russia this day annually awarded prize "Benois Dance", established in 1991 by the International Association of Choreographers. The awards ceremony takes place at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Day of Showa in Japan

After the death of Emperor Hirohito was eternalThe title of Emperor Showa and his birthday was declared a national holiday. He was soon renamed Greenery Day, however, since 2007, after the adoption of relevant law by the Parliament of Japan, it was returned to its original name.
On this day, they honor the memory of Emperor, who ruledthe country from 1926 to 1989. Showa Hirohito throne name (which is the motto of the Board), translated into Russian as "enlightened world". Indeed, the life of the Japanese changed when it radically. "From now on, I become a man," - said the divine Hirohito, in his address to the nation in 1945. The Emperor no longer considered God's representative, but only a mere mortal. Japan is rapidly transformed into a secular, Westernized, industrial state. Significantly improve the standard of living of citizens, changed consumer culture, the birth rate rose.

Before Emperor Hirohito simple Japanese believed that the state and their lives controlled by God.

Showa Day opens the so-called Golden week in Japan. This week, bringing together several major celebrations. It ends with the Feast of the children, celebrated May 5th.

Folk festivals

Eastern Slavs on 29 April - Navy Day. In ancient times, it started with the ceremonial visit to the graves of friends, relatives and ancestors. At the burial place it was made to bring the so-called religious rites - a special kind of offerings. Requires could be food, drinks, household items, made with his own hands.

It was believed that on the eve of the day Navego burial without ceremony or forgotten the dead rise from their graves.

According to the Orthodox calendar, April 29 - Arininday (Arina - "urvi shore"). According to legend Arina - a martyr for the faith, which was asked to renounce Christianity. She refused and was sent to a brothel. There it no one dared to touch, and a woman was executed.
In Russia, on the day Arinin river beginning to enter thenormal, eroding beaches and ravines - hence the proverb "Arina - urvi shore." On this day people watching and seedlings and garden whitewash the trunks of trees.

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