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WHAT hobby is better to specify in the summary

What hobbies better to specify in the summary

Often, the summary may contain not only information about your past jobs and what schools you were finishing.

Once you have written, in any companies you worked as a senior manager and that you are responsible and sociable employee can devote a few lines to his hobby.

That's just whether or not to tell the employer about all the hobbies?

Today more and more employers are not willing to learnOnly a professional as an employee, which they plan to take on the job, but also his enthusiasm. Hobbies can tell a lot about the character, and work well for people passionate about football or stamp collecting, it's easier than those who have no points of contact. However, some kinds of recreation and can scare a potential boss.

What hobbies will play in your favor

First of all it is necessary to specify a hobby relatedwith the position for which you are applying. Sales may be mentioned that in his spare time is read books on the psychology of interpersonal relations, teacher - to point out that the evening watching science-fiction movies, designer - creates his comics. The vast majority of employers like that fellow in his free time studying a foreign language, or engaged in any sport. If you are a person not too sporty, you can get rid of the vague wording that are fond of a healthy lifestyle.

Hobby for creative people

Companies are finding creativethe employee may pay attention to the rather exotic hobby. Origami, the content of the reptile house, Japanese dance with fans, the study of ancient dialects - such things to give you an extraordinary person, and if the company needed was a note on you.

Perseverance, disciplined, responsible

Some hobbies are able to talk aboutqualities of the applicant. The man, whose hobbies are chess, intelligent and diligent, able to build a strategy and move to victory. Amateur puzzles have analytical thinking. Even such common interests as a flower, can give a point in your favor. After all, to grow flowers, you need to be careful and patient.

What better to keep silent

Of course, what you do in your sparetime is only your personal matter, but some things better to remain silent during the interview. Employer will not like the candidate, addicting extreme sports. Suddenly you're on the eve of the deadline broke his leg during a canoeing. About passionate commitment to various spiritual practices also better to remain silent - if different views on the world order, it is likely that you will be denied. About collection of glasses collected in the city's cafes, not worth mentioning.
Describing his hobbies, do not overdo it. Limit yourself to one or two lines, or the employer may begin to doubt, and if you have enough time to work.

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