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WHAT highway


Autobahn or motorway - it is specially equipped for road vehicles, which have special rules of the road.

This route is only for certain categories of vehicles and movement of pedestrians on it is prohibited by law.

Features highways

Autobahn is a certain arearoad where the carriageways are separated from each other by special barriers or dividing strip. The main distinguishing feature of the motorway - this route never crossed with tram, train or other means, other roads or paths for cyclists.
Furthermore, the presence of pedestrian crossings are notnot only provided, but also prohibited. Only vehicles that can develop a certain maximum speed can move on the highway. Highways prohibit the appearance of the road cartage, bicycles, mopeds and agricultural machinery.

Traffic rules on the Autobahn

The existing traffic rules contained a precise definitionthe notion of a highway. Entrances on such roads are usually marked with special signs. The Russian highways note numbers "5.1" and "5.2". These tracks are designed exclusively for the high-speed movement of cars. To speed up or slow down the drivers must be reconstructed on the special lanes, which are allocated a certain point. For emergency stops provided ample shoulder.
Any maneuvers on the highway prohibited. This relates primarily to reversing, turns and stops in the territory, intended for traffic. By the way, the occurrence of an accident on the autobahn is very rare.
On motorways the maximum Russianspeed is limited to 110 km / h. In other countries, the figures are different. In Germany, for example, there are no restrictions, but "recommended" speed is considered to be 130 km / h.

Most highways of the world

The world's first motorway was built in Italy. To move the highway opened in the 1920s. In Germany, the road will be closer to the 1930s. It is worth noting that it is called "Autobahn" appeared thanks to the German motorways. Trails in Germany are very popular all over the world. Every driver who at least once passed by them, for a long time, enthusiastically recalls his impressions. "Autobahn" is translated from German as "motorway".
In Russia, the first high-speed track appeared in1936. Motorway connecting the two cities - Moscow and Minsk. Currently in Russia there are several highways. However, special attention deserve the projects to be implemented in the near future. The new highway will connect not only the city but also the country. There are some projects, such as the United States - Paris, Europe - Russia - Asia - America, Poland - Slovakia - Hungary - Serbia - Bulgaria - Turkey.

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