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What is Autobahn



Autobahn, or motorway - a specially equipped road for cars, which are subject to special rules of the road.

Such a route is intended only for certain categories of vehicles, and the movement of pedestrians by it is prohibited by law.

Features of Autobahns

Autobahn is a certain areaRoads where the carriageways are separated from each other by special fences or dividing strips. The main distinctive feature of the motorway is that this track never intersects with tram, railway or other routes, other roads or paths for cyclists.
In addition, the presence of pedestrian crossings is notOnly not provided, but also prohibited. By autobahn can only move cars that can develop a certain maximum speed. Motorways prohibit the appearance on the road of horse transport, bicycles, mopeds or agricultural machinery.

Rules of Motion on the Autobahn

The current SDA contains an accurate definitionConcepts of a motorway. The entrances to such roads, as a rule, are indicated by special signs. In Russia, the motorways are marked with the numbers "5.1" and "5.2". These routes are designed exclusively for high-speed traffic of cars. To accelerate or slow down, drivers should be rebuilt to special lanes, which are allocated with certain marks. For emergency stops there are wide roadsides.
Any maneuvers on the motorway are prohibited. This applies primarily to the reverse movement, turns and stops in the territory intended for traffic. By the way, the occurrence of accidents on autobahns is a very big rarity.
On Russian highways, the maximumThe speed limit is 110 km / h. In other countries, these indicators are different. In Germany, for example, there are no restrictions, but the "recommended" speed is 130 km / h.

The best autobahns in the world

The world's first autobahn was built in Italy. For traffic, this highway was opened in the 1920s. In Germany, such roads appeared closer to the 1930s. It is worth noting that it was thanks to the German motorways that the name "Autobahn" appeared. Trails of Germany are very popular all over the world. Each driver, who at least once passed through them, still for a long time with enthusiasm remembers his impressions. "Autobahn" from German is translated exactly as a "highway".
In Russia, the first high-speed circuit appeared in1936 year. The motorway connected two cities - Moscow and Minsk. At the moment on the territory of the Russian Federation there are several autobahns. However, projects that are planned to be implemented in the near future deserve special attention. New highways will connect not only cities, but also countries. There are such projects as, for example, the USA - Paris, Europe - Russia - Asia - America, Poland - Slovakia - Hungary - Serbia - Bulgaria - Turkey.

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