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At what height is a basketball hoop

At what height is a basketball hoop

Basketball is a popular team sport game.

It is played by millions of people around the world.

The main task of the players is to achieve a greater amount of thrown balls in the ring, which is mounted on a board.

game History

In 1891, a regular physical education teacher DiseymsNaismith came up with a new game for the pupils: he proposed wards compete in accuracy throwing the ball, and to complicate the task and interest of young people, he attached a basket of fruit to the balconies of the sports hall. To get needed it in the basket, which hung directly over the heads of the students.
In team competitions threw balls in the basketnot only the players but also the fans who were on the balconies. To the balls flying in the basket of the enemy, not flying on purpose Diseyms Naismith set for baskets shields.

Homeland basketball - Massachusetts, knownits unstable weather. Coming up with the game, Naismith was guided precisely to the weather: he needed a dynamic competition that can be carried out indoors.

The game was so pleased with the students that in a yearIt became the center of attention at a sporting event. However, wicker fruit baskets clearly could not cope with the onslaught of players and often treacherously fell apart after the next ball. Already in 1893 they were replaced by a ring that made of metal hoops with a coarse mesh.

Features of the rings

For each playground requires two rings(Baskets). They must be identical in size. The thickness of the hoop should not exceed two centimeters. According to the diameter of a basketball hoop it is suitable to him freely around a rather large ball for basketball games. Traditional basket diameter is 45 centimeters. In some cases the permissible increase in size up to 45.7 centimeters, the largest permissible diameter of the ring.
Rings for basketball have a grid thattwelve loops fitted to it can be securely fastened. The design "ring-net" fixed to the board, which is the distance of two meters from the goal line on a special rack. The first ring is welded to the front, but in the heat of passion players often jump and even hang, catching up on the ring. Therefore, the organizers of the games have to resort to various methods to strengthen the baskets on the board, so that they are not broken down by the weight of the player.

Each ring is painted in a bright red color to make it easier to navigate the athletes during the ball throw. On average, the rings can withstand loads of up to 82 kilograms.

Basketball players have a fairly high growth. It is no coincidence, because the basketball ring is made to hang on the level of three meters to get into the ring under it is very difficult, even with average growth. However, students are made to stand, which allow you to adjust the height of the ring. In addition, in special cases may be used with a shock absorbing ring functions for basketball games. It depends on the parameters of the ball, because it may have a different effect rebound that takes into account the organization of a basketball game.

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