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WHAT vacation is at school and when

What holidays are at school and when

How many students would be surprised ifWe learned what the usual and familiar word "holiday" comes from the Latin canicula, meaning "dog", "puppy". Also canicula - an astronomical term that the ancient Romans called the constellation Canis Minor during the period of the Sun in it.

About labor fruitfulness in this period did not have to say, because it was very hot, so the Romans and became known as vacation periods of forced rest.

Currently the word is set to "break in classes in schools or in the summer holiday time" ( "Great Dictionary of Modern Russian Language" under red.D.N.Ushakova).

How is the school holiday calendar

The division of the school year into four quarters takesits origins in the Soviet educational system. In the mid-20th century, the first time a division of the fall, winter, spring and the most long-awaited and long summer vacation.
As it opened, that the start of vacation periodtimed to coincide with the beginning of the week. Thus, the autumn holidays usually begin on the last Monday of October and lasts 7-10 days. Winter - the last Monday of December and continues 14-20 days, and in the 2014-2015 school year, they will begin already on December 28 and will continue until 10 January. Spring Break originate on the last Monday of March and lasts 7-10 days (from 23 to 31 March in the next school year), and the summer - the last Monday of May and the end of August. For students in the first class there are additional vacation lasting 8 days. Traditionally, they fall in February, in the middle of the longest academic quarter. Also, the school year for first ends in mid-May.

Quarter against trimester

In the last decade there has been a trend towardsAlternative divide the school year into periods. So there trimester - when the year is divided into 3 periods instead of 4. A feature of this approach is to divide the school year is that ends on Friday trimester, and on Monday begins a new one, that is, the guys do not have time to think about the results of the completed study period. However, in some schools at the expense of the major holidays of 2-3 days provide an opportunity to the children after the end of the trimester to relax this time.
It is said that the administration of each schoolinstitution shall have the right to set their own terms of holidays. However, the school relies in this regard to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

In private schools, vacation time maysignificantly diverge from the holidays in the state educational organizations. However, the holidays will forever be an enjoyable and memorable time of school life.

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